If two heroes are fighting each other, is there truly a winner? It may happen more often than you think, especially in the comic book world. Often when “good guys” don’t see eye to eye, just like in the real world, confrontation is the result. The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine are two guys that are typically found on the good guy scale, although with unlimited anger issues, and oftentimes bad attitudes they scrap with their co-heroes. Hulk and Wolverine have battled each other several times, both claiming victories and losses, so let’s settle this score once and for all. Here’s what would happen… Hulk vs Wolverine
Villains fight each other all the time for multiple reasons, it happens. They fight each other to assert dominance, to take what the other defeated, to eliminate competition, I could go on. It’s a villain eat villain world out there and only the strongest survive. But what would happen if two of the most powerful villains from Marvel and DC faced off together? Aside from most if not all of humanity being destroyed, would one come out ahead, would they both defeat each other and it end up a draw, or would something else happen entirely? Find out right here what would happen if Thanos met Darkseid in a one on one battle. Thanos vs Darkseid
Have you ever wondered what would happen if two seemingly invincible warriors battled it out? Take Deadpool for example. He’s nearly invincible, oh sure he can be sliced, diced, blown up, boiled, charred, riddled with bullets, but he still regenerates back to whole after a time. Or say, Wolverine. We all know about his superpowered regenerative abilities, and that nearly indestructible adamantium skeleton. Not to mention he’s one mean killing machine. But what would happen if these two were to battle in a no holds barred competition? Who would come out ahead and who would be left a gory mess? Deadpool vs Wolverine