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  1. Ice

    The 2011 Comic Book Award Winners Discussion Thread!

    Your winners (but mostly ties)! Best Comic TV or Film: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Best Title - DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm Batman & Robin Best Title - Marvel/Icon: Fantastic Four Best Title - Other: TIE Chew & The Walking Dead Best Mini-Series: The Return of Bruce Wayne Best...
  2. Ice

    Best Title- Other

    Voting for the Best Title- Other of 2010.
  3. Ice

    Welcome to the 5th Annual Comic Board Awards!

    *Cue fade-in* *Audience claps* Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 6th Annual Comic Board Awards! It's that time of year again to vote for what you say is the best of the best from 2010! Any thoughts you guys and gals have, just post them right in this thread here. Only voting will be...
  4. Ice

    The 5th Annual Comic Board Awards: Nominees Thread

    This thread will be used for people to post their choices on which nominees should go in what category. Please note that every nominee will not make it to the final choices as I and others will decide what will be the official nominees. If there are any other awards that you think should also...