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  1. Ice

    The Comic Board Member of the Year for 2010 Collection Thread

    It's time for the competition to see who is the new board's AWESOME MEMBER! So before we get right down to it, let's explain it for the newbies, shall we? We shall. Newbies and n00bs alike, listen up! This here what we got is a competition fought tooth and nails (by voting, no fists plz) to...
  2. Ice

    U.C. Greatest. Member. 2-Double 0-9! FINAL ROUND, YO!!

    This is it! This is the moment we've all been waiting for! ULTIMATE CENTRAL GREATEST MEMBER 2009 THE FINAL ROUND!! The H is on O!!! After some grueling and intense weeks, we've finally reached the finale! This is the battle...the fight between.... PROJECTX2 VS OURCHAIR Now go...