Bees. My God.

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reminds me of Jim Gaffigan.

"Movie characters only wear glasses so that they can whip them off in moments of distress and say, 'My God...'

"The asteroid is heading for Los Angeles sir, and there's no way we can stop it!

*whips glasses off face, puts end against lip* "My God..."

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Hey, I think I know what this is- this is Batman's reaction to the episode of Who Wants To Be a Superhere? with the bee lady! I know, because that was pretty much my reaction too.


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Is this recent? Did they bring back the Adam West style Batman for Amazon Attacks?

Seriously, that's something he would say. Except it would be more like "Bees. Great Scott."


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I already told you about this! What the hell? Why didn't it deserve a thread when I pointed this out?!

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