Dark Red #3 Misprint


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Jul 29, 2019
Thanks to the admins & mods for this site. I recently purchased Dark Red #3 MISPRINT Ryan Kincaid Virgin Foil Edition which is Limited to 100 copies!!! . This comic was misprinted on the interior. The title page was printed on the back cover and back cover was printed on the title page. Due to this being a Foil cover it will not be reprinted. I would like to know if it is worth having it sent in to CGC for grading. Also, the

2nd picture is a scan of a foil cover. The foil does not scan very well (as you can see)
The foil cover IS NOT BLACK OR DARK IN COLOR. The dark part of the scan is the foil part of the cover. Background is high gloss.

Here's the link to the photos:
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