Dreamcasting: The Remakes #23: What the Heck...I'll Laugh Anyway!

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Oct 19, 2005
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"You know, kids, a lot has changed since your old Uncle Joker's been away. New Gotham, new rules, even a new Batman. But now I'm tanned, I'm rested and I'm ready to give this old town a wedgie again!"

Live Action

Ladies and Gentlemen......THIS is Dreamcasting, and your rules of engagement are:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner has the option of declaring whether this property is to be an animated film, a TV series or a live-action feature. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.

For this round, you MUST cast:

Terry McGinnis/Batman

Bruce Wayne

Commisioner Barbara Gordon

Tim Drake/Joker

You may cast 4 of any of the supporting characters...

Mary McGinnis

Dana Tan

Jordan Price





Woof the Hyena Man

Wiki Link

You have until 3 May 08---10pm (EST) to get your entries in...

Terry McGinnis/Batman – Thomas Dekker – Terry to me in many ways though dealing with death , The responsibility of been batman and the fact he seemed a bit of an outsider to me is similar to how Thomas Dekker played John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But although he’s been in a few things unless you have seen him in them he’s fairly unknown enough to make it work.

Bruce Wayne – Anthony Hopkins – Anthony Hopkins is great. In my mind he is perfect for this as he is dark and gruff and believable as an old bitter Bruce Wayne. Also if you have seen The Mask of Zorro he played a very similar role in training the new Zorro. I really think this choice works.

Commisioner Barbara Gordon – Carrie Fisher– Barbara Gordon needs to be an elderly woman but someone who strong and independent. Carrie Fisher is just that.

Joker – Crispin Glover – For the most part the joker in the film looked and acted like the original joker from that universe. So I looked for someone who could play the original joker and at first I thought Johnny Depp but With Anthony Hopkins and Carrie Fisher I needed a good actor who would not be another big star to over power the film with star names. Crispin Glover was the obvious choice.

Tim Drake - J.K. Simmons - Like Planet-man pointed out they need to be two separate people. Tim is angry and somewhat bitter middle-aged man. For That I turned to the guy I thought summed up all that with ease.
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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Terry McGinnis/Batman: Wes Brown

He's a relative unknown, which I think is ideal for this part. One of the things I liked about the casting of Bale, Maguire, and Routh is that they really weren't that well known before they played their respective roles, and thus didn't take the audience out the the movie. He is probably best known for his role (albeit small) in "We Are Marshall" as the star quarter back that dies in the plane crash. In my opinion he looks a great deal like Terry McGinnis, and seems like he could pull off his attitude.

Bruce Wayne: Clint Eastwood

While by most accounts the idea of Clint Eastwood playing the elderly Batman is not unique, it is simply so dead on perfect that I couldn't pass it up. He's got the look, demeanor, and attitude of the character down pat.

Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Glenn Close

This one I found the hardest to cast. Simply put there are not a lot of actress in Hollywood that have what is necessary to pull of this character. Glenn Close has what it would take. While she may not look exactly like the character from the cartoon, in all other respects she is great. She has the chops to pull off the warmth and authoritativeness that a commissioner would need.

Dana Tan: Katie Leung

This one I am also a bit iffy on. I will admit that my knowledge of young asian actresses is limited. Many of the most famous actresses of asian descent seemed a bit too old for the part, so I ended up going with this actress most famour for her role in "Harry Potter".

The Joker: Tim Roth

While for most versions of the Joker I probably wouldn't pick Roth, I think that the differences in this version make him a great choice. Not only can he pull off the intensity and malice of the Joker. Even without the makeup he looks creepy enough.

Tim Drake: Mel Gibson

Although he may be a bit of an anti-semite, the man can and act people still seem to love the guy. Not saying it's good or bad, but no matter what he doesn't the general public doesn't seem to get too mad at this guy. I personally think he would be awesome in this part, playing against the roles he normally takes. Going into the movie who is going to think that Mel Gibson is the villain? Answer, no one. I'd love to see him in this type of role as a former hero our for revenge against Bruce.

Ghoul: Ben Foster

Watch "3:10 to Yuma" and you will see that Foster can play a scary psycho perfectly. I think he would be great in this part.

Chucko: Ethan Suplee

He's simply the first person to come to mind, and after doing more research and thinking about it I never could come up with a better choice.

Dee-Dee: Lindsay Lohan...No, I'm not even kidding.

Like her part in "The Parent Trap" only this time the redheaded twins are murderous villains. She has an innocent look to her, and has proven herself a skilled actress before. I personally think that it is time for her to make a come back. I think that this would be the prefect vehicle for this. While the weight of the movie wouldn't fall on her, this character would give her an opportunity to shine in a nice supporting role. Plus there are no other actresses in this age range that would be better in the part.

I'll explain my choices later. Feel free to post your thoughts.
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Bruce Wayne: Clint Eastwood

Oh **** me like I was in grade school and call me Marla Singer!!!! :x

I have an awesome choice for Bruce but Eastwood is so perfect and completely obvious that I want to kick myself in the nuts for not even thinking of this!!!!

I think I am gonna go kick myself in the nuts.

And I have never even heard of Wes Brown. But he does look like the illegitamate Hollywood clone of Julian McMahon.
I have an awesome choice for Bruce but Eastwood is so perfect and completely obvious that I want to kick myself in the nuts for not even thinking of this!!!!

Thanks. I was actually a bit surprised to hear that you hadn't thought of him. Judging by a discussion a while back involving "Kingdom Come" I was under the impression that everyone had him as old Bruce Wayne. I almost went with my second choice, Paul Newman, but Eastwood is just too freakin' awesome.
Thanks. I was actually a bit surprised to hear that you hadn't thought of him. Judging by a discussion a while back involving "Kingdom Come" I was under the impression that everyone had him as old Bruce Wayne. I almost went with my second choice, Paul Newman, but Eastwood is just too freakin' awesome.

****! I hadn't even thought of Newman!

My choice was Max Von Sydow over Michael Ironside in old make-up and elderly prosthetics. Go figure. I was so focused on getting a good Terry and Joker that I hadn't thought of those 2 choices.

I think I might actually steal one of them.
Oh **** me like I was in grade school and call me Marla Singer!!!! :x

I have an awesome choice for Bruce but Eastwood is so perfect and completely obvious that I want to kick myself in the nuts for not even thinking of this!!!!

I think I am gonna go kick myself in the nuts.

What's even worse was that he was actually in the running to play Batman back when the fifth movie was in development hell and they were trying to do Batman Beyond: The Live Action Movie or something.

Terry McGinnis/Batman: Josh Hartnett

I don't like to think that Terry would be 16 years old and Bruce would willingly let him go out on patrol against much more dangerous enemies than he ever fought. So I picked a Terry McGinnis that was more mature and believable as the Dark Knight. Josh Hartnett's always shown that rebellious side that you would need for a Terry McGinnis. I'd like to think that he would bring maturity to the role that's needed.

Bruce Wayne: Paul Newman

When you're thinking of what Batman would be like at eighty you need and actor that can bring the acting presence that Newman can bring to a role. I'll stand behind this pick just because DARKKNIGHT took my Clint Eastwood and we've both had a Eastwood or Newman argument of who would be a better old Batman.

Commisioner Barbara Gordon: Helen Mirren

Sorry Doom but I had this one down pat before you said anything. She is absolutely perfect for the kind of person that Babs will grow into and I think she and Hartnett will play off of each other well.

Tim Drake: Sam Elliot

Now listen to this one, I know Sam Elliot's known for playing badass cowboys, but I think he's perfect to play this elder version of Robin. Robin was tortured and brainwashed in the worst way imaginable by the Joker. Now that he's an old man he's bitter at Wayne for putting his life through hell like this. If you think of anyone perfect to play the former sidekick of the world's greatest hero with a schizophrentic hysteria. Even with the Southern accent (which Elliot could probably tweak to sound a little differently) Elliot's still got the chops to play Drake. And plus he's exactly twenty years younger than Newman the age differences would work out almost perfectly.

Joker: Paul Bettany

This is a very different Joker than what we're used to. He's been sitting in Tim Drake's skull swirling around for about thirty years just getting crazier and crazier. Plus this is a Joker that knows all of Tim's deepest darkest secrets. Bettany would be a crazy Joker that would be believable as the psycho killer of Batman's world.

Ghoul: Chris Pine

When you think of the Jokerz they are essentially a bunch of crazy thugs with suped up weapons. As the leader of the Jokerz Ghoul would be a moron and a complete *****. I'd like to see Pine reprise the role he played in Smokin Aces as the crazy head of the Tremor brothers.

Bonk: Kevin Durand

Bonk's another thug with some weapons on him. I'd like to think that Durand would play a character just like his in Smokin Aces.

Chucko: Abraham Benrubi

Just have him play the same character he played in Without a Paddle. It'll work for the character.

Dee-Dee: Rose McGowan

What can I say, I want two crazy killer Rose McGowan's on screen at the same time.

Woof the Hyena Man

Pick this Hyena and stick his face in the picture. I mean look how cute he is.
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Damn, all my pre-thought-out picks have already been used(Hartnett, Eastwood and obviously Glover).

Also, shouldn't Tim Drake be played by a completely different actor than the Joker?

Excent point. (Goes to put thinking hat on)
Updated mine.

I like my cast on this round.
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I've never watched the movie, and i'm only vaguely familiar with the Batman Beyond universe, so i'm casting this mostly blind. Wish me luck!

The Bat Family


left to right: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Martin Sheen, Frances McDormand, Cary Elwes

The Joker and the Jokerz Gang

left to right: Rhys Ifans, Macauley Culkin, M.C. Gainey, Mary Kate Olsen

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Terry McGinnis/Batman
I casted somebody a little older than the original character, because I agree with bluebeast's point that Bruce (no matter how senile or desperate he's becoming with old age) would simply not allow some inexperienced punk kid to carry on his former alter ego. Levitt has regularly played characters much younger than his actual age. Having seen his memorable performances in smaller fare like teen noir piece Brick and queer drama Mysterious Skin convinced me that he's got all the makings of a young Batman.

Martin Sheen as Bruce Wayne
At first glance, Sheen couldn't be more different from the aging Bruce Wayne, in terms of attitude, outlook, and poiltics. But when you start thinking about it, they actually have much in common: they're reluctantly accepted by mainstream America for their practical skills (Sheen as actor; Wayne businessman), even as they're placed on the fringes of culture for their individual activities (Sheen as activist; Wayne/Batman as vigilante). Sheen represents many of the same contradictions as Wayne does. And his diverse filmography, from disenchanted soldier to ideal President, gives him adequate prepraration for portraying the multifaceted Wayne.

Frances McDormand as Commissioner Barbara Gordon

At 50 years old, some might argue that McDormand is a little young to be playing this version of Barbara Gordon. But what's not up for debate is her appropriateness to play the role: she's got a solid track record of playing competent, independent female authority figures, with just the right hint of vulnerability, and maternal qualities needed to play the beleaguered Commissioner.

Cary Elwes as Tim Drake

This former adventure star (The Princess Bride) has precisely the "athlete gone to seed" look needed to play an erstwhile sidekick who has hung up the tights for good, and resigned himself to a successful civilian life, with a hint of bitterness and resentment trickling just under the surface. When Tim falls under the Joker's influence, Elwes can draw upon his experience playing serial killer Ted Bundy in The Riverman.

Elwes is 45, making Tim slightly younger than Barbara, and more than two decades Bruce's junior (which makes sense, because the narrative acknowledges that Drake is the second Robin, after Dick Grayson).

Rhys Ifans as The Joker
This is basically Ifans character from Little Nicky taken down a couple of notches in his over the top intensity. This is Joker as uncomplicated criminal madman, rather than tragicomic psycho; unapologetically insane, without a hint of cloying pathos.

Macauley Culkin as Ghoul
Yes, i'm being completely serious now. If you've watched The Good Son, then you'll know he Culkin can play a menacing hellraiser. And in queer crime biopic Party Monster, he plays a flamboyantly disturbed club kid turned murderer. Seriously, he'd be perfect for the role of the Jokerz' ringleader.

M.C. Gainey as Bonk

I see Bonk as a bored, directionless, violent man who joined the Jokerz because the spoils were good, and it provided him an outlet for his generic Angry White Male rage. He secretly looks down on the "stupid kids" in the group, and is basically not a team player. He ends up biting it, quite spectacularly, at the hands of the Joker, as a result. That pretty much fits the kind of roles Gainey has been known for.

Mary Kate Olsen as Deedee
Again, this is my real pick. Honestly. Think about it... How cool is it for the one half of a pair of real life identical celebrity twins, notorious for her Hollywood excesses, to play BOTH halves of a pair of demented Typhoid Mary wannabes. This is cinema gold, people. Olsen's recurring guest role on Weeds just proves that she's got the slightly crazy/manipulative schtick down pat. I don't even LIKE her, but I think she's absolutely born for this part.​
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If not for miscast Martin Sheen in the most important role of the movie, you'd have my vote.

I approve of Martin Sheen to play a Bruce Wayne, just not THIS Bruce Wayne.

I mean he's short and speaks like a Tasmanian Devil, yet remains charismatic as the President in spite of that.

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