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April 06, 2021 * 21 posts * 940 views
Dok said: Here's Negan may give the exact date of the start of the apocalypse! Or there are inconsistancies you think? Read more >>
April 09, 2021 * 20 posts * 1,137 views
tabascoman77 said: You don't care about my life? Great. I don't expect you to. My outside life is NOT important, but it IS more important than posting timelines on a comic book site. Sorry to burst ... Read more >>
April 07, 2021 * 42 posts * 4,297 views
Pro Bot said: The duration is on here. Superman: The Movie: Extended Cut isn't as good as the other versions, it being so bloated, but it's basically the same film but with more... stuff. It ... Read more >>

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