Published by Marvel, but "not really Marvel"? G.I. Joe, Transformers, Alf, Star Wars

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I never really thought about it before, but what determines a "Marvel character"? When Marvel published stuff like Star Wars, Alf, GI Joe and Transformers were Optimus Prime and Luke Skywalker considered Marvel characters? Does/ did Howard the Duck fall in this same category? Why or why not for all of the above questions? If I've never heard of, say Alf, before, how would I have known he's not friends with Spider-Man?
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This is a great to ponder on.

The Marvel universe is centered around NYC geographically. There are exceptions....but the other characters in such as Star Wars are not Marvel.

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If the characters crossover strongly with other characters definitely marvel characters. (X-Men, Avengers etc.)
If they are very standalone but crossed over once they are in a megaverse/in two multiverses (
If they arent connected or advertised as in the Marvel universe they are completely seperate (Star Wars).

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