Put On Your Sunday Clothes - The Cosplay Pictures Thread


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Feb 16, 2005
I figured every good comic board needs a cosplay thread to both mock and praise the courage or panache with which people dress up in pop culturally inspired fashion.

From Viceland.com's DOs and DON'Ts is Melissa Snyder, who dressed up as ElastiGirl for Halloween:


Oh Lord. When nerds discover their inner babe and unleash about a decade of unused libido on to the world it makes every hot girl you know seem like a haggard old spinster whose ***** is sealed shut with venereal warts. This girl would be the Fabregé Egg of blowjobs.

Okay, she's not THAT hot. But it's a real funny description otherwise. :p
Cosplay is not my bag and never will be unless it's for Halloween and you're trying to put everyone else's costume to shame. Then it's not cosplay----it's an elaborate Halloween costume.

But I do have a small level of admiration for those who do the really hard costumes. But it's mostly from a design/creator aspect. I respect all the time and talent it took to replicate the costume. That part of it is cool.......but despite what anyone says---no one looks cool walking around in an exact copy of Dante from Devil Must Cry.

Still.....the only way I'd do any cosplay is if it was an Ultimate Doom costume.....goat legs and all.

That girl is kinda cute.
Yeah she is. She fills out that suit nicely.

But I think 'Faberge egg of blowjobs' is going in a completely wrong direction.

The Squall picture is kind of i dunno, scary.
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Some random girl cosplaying Rei Ayanami, the infamously fetishized submissive fantasy girl of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame.

I think this is more up Ourchair's alley:


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