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May 17, 2004
Welcome to The Comic Boardl!

As nice as it would be to leave this forum totally open, we do need to have a few guidelines in place for posting and other conduct. Please read these rules and follow them closely.

  • This forum is frequented by minors. Keep conversation in check accordingly, especially in regards to sex, drugs, and/or swears.
  • DO NOT attempt to circumvent the swear filter. Using "@" for the letter "a" or "0" for the letter "O" are examples of this. Offending posts will be edited by a moderator and the offender may face bans. If it is absolutely necessary to swear, just type the word. The filter will pick it up if needed.
  • If linking to an off-site image, please preview the post and make sure the image shows up or that there is no anti-hotlinking image shown in it's place.
  • Please do not in-line link to scanned comic pages from news/review sites such as Newsarama and PopCultureShock. Always list links to the main page of the feature or review. Linking to images on sites that allow hotlinking (i.e. Photobucket) is perfectly OK.
  • The chat, when available, is by design a much more loosely regulated area of the site. Mods do not monitor the chat, however, logs are automatically kept and any behavior that is extremely out-of-line will be dealt with either with infractions or outright bans.
  • Spam is not tolerated. Posts/threads containing what the mods consider to be spam will be deleted and the offending poster may be banned. This site is not here to advertise other sites. New posters who take part in regular discussion are welcome to promote their website in their signatures, but creating threads promoting a website or anything else is prohibited. Contact an admin for advertising info.
  • Civil arguments are welcome. Insults and name calling are not. Offending posts will be deleted and offending posters may face bans.
  • Spoilers should be labeled as such. Threads labeled "spoilers" in the title do not need to have spoilers labeled within, but spoilers in a non-spoiler thread and off-topic spoilers should be hidden with the spoiler tag.
  • Likewise, speculation or Ultimization/plot ideas should be labeled in the subject line.
  • Multiple registrations are not allowed. An admin can reset your password if you have lost it - contact us by using the "Contact" link found at the bottom of each page.
  • Fan fic should ONLY be mentioned or discussed in the fan fic forum. Do not solicit or otherwise bring up fan fic in any other forum. Offending posts will be edited or deleted.
  • New posters should be made to feel welcome. Newbie flaming will not be tolerated.
  • Lifted straight from Millarworld because it fits: "While discussion of comics downloading and the morality thereof are permitted, discussing where you download from IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED."
  • Creating threads is not a contest. Do not start issue discussion threads without offering something to contribute. In other words, any threads that open solely with "discuss the issue here" will be deleted.
  • Do not re-post threads or posts that have been deleted. If you genuinely can't figure out why a thread/post has disappeared, PM a mod. 99% of the time it is obvious, and when it's not the mod deleting the post/thread has posted a reason why it was deleted or edited the offending post. Re-posting deleted posts or threads is considered a bannable offense.
  • Respect the mods. They keep this place nice and tidy and running smoothly. Don't antagonize them. Don't bait them. Don't argue with them. Don't call them names. Respect them and their judgment.
  • There is to be absolutely no bashing any comic creator. Any offending posts will be deleted and the poster will face an immediate ban.
If you have any suggestions, please PM me or a moderator. Additions/modifications will be made periodically and noted in replies to this thread.

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