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Sep 15, 2004
This is for all you Tron fans out there...

Comic-book writer Landry Walker, co-author of the upcoming Tron: The Ghost In the Machine series, told SCI FI Wire that it took five years for him and co-writer Eric Jones to snag the rights to the seminal 1982 Disney SF movie Tron. But they prevailed, and the result is an original comic-book story that will begin publishing in April through Slave Labor Graphics.

"We had been working for Disney for about six years [writing the comics Little Gloomy and Kid Gravity]," Walker said in an interview. "A year into it, we approached our editor to see about getting ahold of the Tron license for a comic book. At the time it was not available, but when the other company's book was cancelled, we talked to publisher Dan Vado over at Slave Labor Graphics, and he pursued the license on our behalf."

The Tron comic, which is being drawn by Louis De Martinis, had obstacles to overcome. "We came in and wanted to do a prequel," Walker recalled. "But Disney did not want to do that, because they have their Tron 2.0 game and their own perceptions of the Tron franchise. That proved a stumbling block until we came up with an idea we liked better than the original idea."

The comic centers on Jet Bradley, the son of two of the characters from the original Tron movie, who has recently returned from an accidental trip into the computer realm and is gun-shy about technology. But he is forced back into the computer world when a war breaks out between two different ideologies. "The story is kind of a 'What-is-reality?' situation," Walker said. "The idea is 'What happens when you're inside the computer, and you're reshaping reality to your own perception?' This is a six-story arc, which is kind of the final moment for the movie and the game."

Walker and Jones have worked together for years, but Walker said that bringing Tron to the comic page has been a maddening process. "It's been like pulling teeth, but it's also been a lot of fun at the same time," he said. "We keep coming up with all these great new ideas and have to figure out how to incorporate them into the storyline. There's just so much you can do with the Tron concept."
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