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Jan 27, 2005
Mormon Land.
E - The cool dad
Seldes - the mom
Cad - The uncle that is rarely seen
Ice - the smartass, annoying younger brother
Bass - the creepy, perverted uncle.
ManWithoutFear - the older brother with a hero complex
jtg3885 - the brother with a rage problem
Ultimate Warrior - the cousin with the sense of humor that nobody gets
Moonmaster - younger, precocious, hilarious, youngest brother
Eroz - the oldest quite cousin that knows everything about the family, every secret and lies and aren't afraid to use the information for his own gain
Zp1d3r_W3I3_L337 - The cousin who know one understands what he's saying. Everyone calls him Rufus.
Nurhachi - jtg3885's nicer twin brother
ProjectX2 - The kooky, cranky grandpa.
SlimJim - the other younger brother with Moony. Those two are basicly twins being born so close together. Those two are always together. Also is African-American.
Nigma - The distant cousin that wants nothing to do the family
Ourchair - Brother to Compound. Lives in different country. Writes often about nothing.
Compound - Brother to Ourchair. Lives in the same country as Ourchair. They are searching for meaning in there lives.
Ultimate Gambit - The second oldest son who always lives in the shadows of the oldest brother.
Iceman - The really young nephew. He's very cute and loveable. Follows Ice around wherever he goes.
Irish4204 - The uncle that's always drunk.
LongShotJimLee - The long lost family member. That got lost again.
UltimateDJF - The movie loving cousin. Would rather watch a movie than spend time with the family.
Guijllons - The other grandpa that claims not to be part of the family, but really is a softly on the inside.
Rhyo - The cranky aunt that comes to dinner, gets drunk, and insults everybody.
Dr.Strangefate - The smart gay uncle that eveybody loves. Everybody calls him Auntie Strangefate.
Marvelman - The pet ferret.
Ultron - The pet wienee dog.
Baxter - The cranky uncle who smokes a lot and owns a shotgun to defend the virginity of his teenage niece.
Black Cat - The sexy teenage niece.
Ultimate Quicksilver - The fast mouthed cousin that nevers shuts up.
Hellsbuttmonkey - The crazy, kooky next door neighbour, who occasionally pops round to scare the kids.
Gmaster - The cousin that says meaningless sentences. The guy no one actually wants there, but goes there anyway.
Selfproclaimed - The creepy monkey that lives in Ice's closet.
DIrishB - The brother to Irish4204 and drinking buddy. Likes to make a lot of unless lists and makes everybody look at them. And loves the cannibus.
Ultimate Houde - The sicko scientist of the family. Only comes to the reniouns to pick up chicks.
Goodwill - The kid who complains about how cold the basement is even though you've never stepped foot into it.
John Q.Public. - The great uncle that disagrees with everything you say.
Doc Comic - The artistic nephew. He writes and draws everything. Holds his work above all others. A bit too cocky.
Ultimate Deadpool - The man who....wait...ah...who the hell is this guy?
Redstarzero - The sexy sister who everyone would turn inbred for...
Iceshadow Ice's shadow....what?
Skotti - The next door neighbor that everybody falls in love with.
Dr_Draco The choped liver that grandma makes and no one eats.
Random The cousin who makes a life from making rocking cartoons. No one rocks harder than him.
SSJmole The Family Dog
Thee Great One - The one who think he's more succesful than the rest of the family. Brags about his car and his job. Everybody gets annoyed but loves him anyway.
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Aug 1, 2005
Long Shot? I have completely and utterly no idea what on earth you could be talking about in the slightest... old pal.

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