The Ultimate Central Talkshow Season 2

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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
I didn't forget about this, I just had an accident with a time machine and woke up in Jennifer Love Hewitt's stomach.

Today we're talking to an old member, Ultxon, along with a newer member, Sjmole or Gemini-MK or whatever he's calling himself these days. ****ing noobs.

First, a transcript from our MSN conversation:

[14:38] Craig: Who wants to be interviewed for the UC Talkshow?
[14:38] Thomas: i could do it
[14:38] Mike: I don't talk enough
[14:39] Craig: Who the **** even are you, Thomas?
[14:39] Craig: Sjmole?
[14:39] Craig: I don't even know who you are.
[14:39] Thomas: im Gemini
[14:39] Craig: I'll do you both at the same time.
[14:39] Craig: That was gay.
[14:39] Thomas: hehehe
[14:40] Mike: it happens

I am Craig, of course, Mike is Ultxon, and Thomas is whoever he is.

[14:41] Craig: What's up with you two?
[14:42] Thomas: im watching kids shows
[14:42] Mike: is this the start of the interview?
[14:42] Thomas: i don't know
[14:42] Mike: Not you, chucklehead
[14:42] Thomas: we suck
[14:42] Mike: But at least I make money off it
[14:42] Thomas: .......
[14:43] Craig: How is the prostitution business?
[14:43] Mike: booming
[14:43] Mike: and banging of course
[14:43] Craig: Sounds like a rip roaring time.
[14:44] Craig: Does anyone actually say that anymore?
[14:44] Mike: I do.
[14:44] Thomas: you did just now
[14:44] Craig: Yeah, but you're like 90, Mike.
[14:44] Craig: That is true, Thomas. Too bad you are a liar!
[14:44] Craig: LIES!
[14:44] Mike: I'm 90?
[14:44] Thomas: no i only speak the truth
[14:44] Mike: I'm really spry
[14:44] Craig: Okay, maybe 91 or 92.
[14:44] Thomas: peter parker is ghost rider
[14:45] Thomas: see truth
[14:45] Craig: I hate Marvel. Always making **** changes.
[14:45] Thomas: DC makes piss changes
[14:45] Craig: What are your thoughts on Marvel and their recent changes to characters?
[14:45] Thomas: thats right
[14:45] Craig: You don't even read DC, so how would you know?
[14:45] Thomas: meh
[14:45] Mike: Are we interviwing yet?
[14:45] Thomas: i think so
[14:45] Craig: Not yet.
[14:45] Thomas: im not sure
[14:45] Thomas: oh ok nevermind
[14:46] Craig: Your logic impresses me.
[14:46] Mike: Like both companies marvel makes some great changes and ****ty ones
[14:46] Thomas: i can out logic a ohysics professor
[14:46] Craig: I have no idea what you just said, but please, shut up now.
[14:46] Thomas: NO
[14:46] Craig: So, Mike, every other company except Dark Horse makes ****ty changes?
[14:47] Thomas: anywho the bulk of marvels recent changes have been crap, but some of them look like they could pay off in the long run
[14:47] Mike: Every company makes ****ty changes
[14:47] Craig: You will be silenced, Thomas, or I will kill one of you.
[14:47] Thomas: kill him
[14:47] Mike: it's up for future writers to find those and correct them
[14:47] Craig: What long run? The one in your pants.
[14:47] Craig: *que laugh track*
[14:47] Thomas: hahahahah
[14:47] Thomas: **** stains are funny
[14:48] Craig: Morrison did fine with Xorn, and then Claremont and Austen came and tried to correct him. Is this fine in your book?
[14:48] Thomas: so seriously is this the interview?
[14:48] Mike: Of course not
[14:48] Thomas: no its not
[14:48] Craig: No, not yet. I actually ask proper questions in the interview.
[14:48] Mike: it's up to writers and readers
[14:48] Mike: writers determined by readers
[14:48] Thomas: Xorn is a walking migraine
[14:48] Craig: Are you a writer or a reader?
[14:48] Mike: Reader
[14:48] Thomas: reader
[14:48] Mike: And I'ev stopped grabbing uSM
[14:49] Mike: for that thought process
[14:49] Craig: It took you lnog enough.
[14:49] Thomas: wow youve got willpower
[14:49] Mike: I know.
[14:49] Mike: It was hard

[14:49] Thomas: i don;t think i can do it
[14:49] Mike: # 1-103
[14:49] Mike: in a row
[14:49] Thomas: ha i beat you
[14:49] Mike: but the only way to stop something is to stop it
[14:49] Thomas: thats profound
[14:49] Mike: I sound like Yogi Beara
[14:50] Mike: is that how you spell his name?
[14:50] Thomas: bera
[14:50] Mike: Stupid Bear confusing me
[14:50] Thomas: unless you mean yogi bear
[14:50] Mike: no, baseball
[14:50] Thomas: Bera
[14:50] Thomas: i believe
[14:50] Craig: My chat window just got screwed up.
[14:51] Thomas: how do you post images on a HTML based forum?
[14:51] Craig: There we go, fixed.
[14:51] Craig: You don't. It's impossible!

At this point I became bored and realised I was going to kill myself. As I was typing this, Venom Melendez left the conversation and I slit my wrists.


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first off, i am Thomas aka. Gemini i used to be gemini-mk, i am NOT SSJmole/sjmole and i am definatley not venom melendez

second off my connection cut off thats why i left

and i was typing in the dark explaining my various typo's like ohysics

and where the hell did that duck come from?
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first off, i am Thomas aka. Gemini i used to be gemini-mk, i am NOT SSJmole/sjmole
Yeah he wishes he was me.

Also I'm not a "noob" or a "new" member been here since 2005 and have posted alot since then. (maybe not golden post but still I contribute)


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Yeah he wishes he was me.

Also I'm not a "noob" or a "new" member been here since 2005 and have posted alot since then. (maybe not golden post but still I contribute)
Huuush oop, b00b! I mean n00b! Yu vill not speek uunteel yu are spoken to!