Wizard World Chicago 08

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Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
Bass sent me the Rob Liefeld placard from one of the panels I didn't go to.

It is awesome.

I still haven't decided what to do with it though.
Glad to hear it.

Still, I should have remembered to give it to you at WWC itself. Then, we should have gotten Rob Liefield to sign it.

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
Actually, the song began and we all knew the first few opening lines. Someone, probably Joe sang first, then Houde, Tog, and myself all joined in, one by one, each getting louder and louder as more joined in and the lines kept going.

The song paused.

All four of us geared up for the next line - we belted it out, sang like mighty Visigoths, only to discover none of us knew the lyrics, and an incoherent cacophony of syllables erupted, culminating in a lot of laughter and Joe's protestations that he "knew the lyrics".

It was very funny and I wish it were on youtube.
I heard Heat of the Moment today, and thought of this segment of our trip.