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    Ultimate X-Men: Apocalypse (#90-93)

    Re: Ultimate X-Men #90 discussion (spoilers!) are you guys sure that that's cable and professor X coming back? My first thoughts were magneto in a pimped out new suit and Stryfe. Issue was pretty lackluster for the introduction of Apoc, I was hoping for something more grand...hopefully the...
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    Ultimate X-Men #87 (Spoilers)

    I wouldn't mind that either. Bishop and Cable as Death and War. That'd be a pretty sick start to the Horsemen. But I don't really see that bet is that they're keeping things secret so that they don't ruin the future or alter some of the x-mens psyche too much y'know? Can't...
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    Ultimate X-Men #87 (Spoilers)

    wow...that's some really well thought-out...thoughts you got there. Lol just reading that cleared up a lot of what the plot might really be about. Regardless of what's going on now, when it does build up i'll be glad i waited around. So many people are taking a dump on the book right now, but i...
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    Ultimate X-Men #87 (Spoilers)

    Re: Ultimate X-Men #87(Spoilers) yeah the issues suck lately. But i'm hoping the big things to come will turn this book around. No idea how people could possibly think Yani's work is anything better than crap...that's just not art. Book sucks for now, but there's light at the end of the...
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    How many members here are Christians?

    I'm christian. I know a lot of people have a problem with the whole world and universe being created in 6 days...but if you think about it, if you have infinite power, is 6 days really that amazing? I personally think the Big Man took his time.
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    Ultimate X-men #81 discussion (spoilers)

    either way let's hope he just stays out of UXM. maybe let the UFF fix him. let's talk sinister! i was so disappointed when he debuted as a stuttering thug. not the way i envisioned a character of his proportions to debut. but i think his 'death' gives him a chance to be reborn with...
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    Ultimate X-men #81 discussion (spoilers)

    i don't see why kirkman would bring him back. he reads these boards doesn't he? just seeing how much everyone hated him for those 2 arcs should be enough to stop the man. if not we should start a petition or something
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    Bishop's Team

    ooo hope ultimate jubilee makes her debut. there's so much behind that character. hope they take this chance to really steer away from 616 history and grab some brand new mutants. keep things fresh. o yeah and pyro, since he's such an xavier fan-boy/fanatic
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    Ultimates 2 #13 Cover on

    was hoping for a more subtle cover, for hitch n millar to go out in style...o well from the previews it looks like loki brings backup from asgard or something. is that Jormungand The Midgard Serpent!?!? Fury'll love that
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    Ultimate X-men #81 discussion (spoilers)

    I can't believe people would want lovable hank mccoy to stay animals!!! there's just too much story left in that character for him to really be dead. exact same thing goes for the prof and gambit...and 616 cap for that matter. death is just a sales pitch. how many times have we...
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    Ultimate X-men #81 discussion (spoilers)

    as much of an improvement as this issue was, i gotta say guys, i'm pretty disappointed at our excitement. i think we're all settling for crap now just because we all went through date night and magical...i feel sick just typing those out. how could u NOT improve after runs like that? on a...
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    Cable/Deadpool Series Discussion (Spoilers)

    was hoping for more of a bang w/T-Ray's return...:-? in the back of my mind i'm thinking cable's manipulating all of that stuff to make wade more sure of himself. i'm actually liking the DP - agent x - bob chemistry more than DP n cable.
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    Ultimate Solicitations for August, 2006

    i'm actually loving all the covers, special props to USM and the UFF covers. Spidergirl(?) is freakin hotttttt. but the symbol she's wearing looks venom-y.
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    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    Re: Astonishing X-Men - series discussion (spoilers) Thought the issue was great, did a great job of building more sub-plots into the story lines as well as raising the tension w/the whole "who is the destroyer?" question that's been posed. Anyways, I don't know much about 616, anyone know...
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    Buzzscope Previews Ultimate X-Men #65

    These couple pages are pretty action-packed, looks to be an exciting issue. Does it look like wolverine's claws are being affected by what mags is doing? looks to me like he's staring at his claws. It'd be crazy if they de-adamantiumized wolvie right here....probly not gonna happen, but just a...