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    Wiz-World Philly weekend schedule & More.

    I wasn't even aware there was one coming up. I would love to go, but I can't go by myself... I have no one to go with :(
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    How long do you think it will take till Pete turns 18?

    At the rate they are going ... probably when my children's children turn 18
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    Buzzcope offers 3-page preview of Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1.

    Well the art looks nice. August sees like an eternity...
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    DC Solicitations for August!

    Birds of Prey 85 Legion of Super-Heroes 9 Nightwing 111 Supergirl 1 Superman/Batman 22
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    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    Like I just said, I was confused about who was talking to Emma while she was passed out. I've talked to people who thought it was the mole and people who thought it was the Danger Room... At first I thought it was the Danger room, but when I look back I'm not so sure... since the voice sayse...
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    Hottest Ultimate Females

    Well... I think my vote was obvious huh? Black Cat will always be the hottest, in every universe :D
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    Smallville (spoilers)

    LMAO... I'm shocked that Clark doesn't seem to feel the same way about her, she's so much prettier then Lana.
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    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    So it seems that the thing that Emma has been talking to is actually the danger room or maybe even that mole... I don't know what to think. And was she faking the faint or what? I was really confused with this issue. I think after this story arc, I'll stick with buying the TPBs... if the title...
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    Hottest Comic Males

    Peter Parker... I think dorky guys with morals are so sexeh. :P
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    Smallville (spoilers)

    Why did Alicia have to die? Why!? I mean she was so pretty and cute and perfect for Clark I don't really like how they had Chloe handling the whole "knowing" about Clark. But like Gwen's death, I guess it's just one of those things that will fester over time. I'm excited to see the...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man # 72 thoughts (spoilers)

    Well I guessed her age at around 22 or 23 since she was working in Fisk's accounting dept. and realistically, to get a job like that downtown you'd need a B.A. at the least. But in the Ult universe anything goes... I mean Pete works a job that I can't even get with a B.A. and he's just a kid...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man # 72 thoughts (spoilers)

    It is extremely realistic. Harry... millionare son, good looks, popularity. MJ... brains, good looks, rough upbringing - it's quite obvious that she would be all about him, and all those times I was wondering why she seemed so excited to see him all the time! I kept thinking when did they...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #70 (Spoilers) A Sigh of Relief?

    Yeah it was really disturbing. Do you think they were visualizations of everything Peter fears... do you think they represent some kind of feeling or doubt? Although I can't see why Pete would ever fear Aunt May going for Norman, I'm pretty sure she knows he's not a great guy. And Cat's way...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #70 (Spoilers) A Sigh of Relief?

    I thought it was great. I read Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #12 but I never got to the next ish to see exactly what happened. So I'm a little in the dark about Spidey "meeting" him before. But it was a great ish. I can't wait till the next one.
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    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    Yeah, I saw her possesed by Bogan before, this isn't the same, they are completely red, not dripping... I donno what it's about. But anyway, I'm sorry it's not an Uncanny issue like I said. It'll be in X-Men #167. I'm not sure if your allowed to post full cover pictures so I'll just link to...