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    Marvel to be bought by Disney

    I've got mixed feelings about this. Like you, I agree that Marvel has *plenty* of superfluous titles at the moment. I don't care much for Marvel Zombies, or Marvel Apes, or stuff like The Pet Avengers. All of that just dilutes the brand; even when they're creatively written, it's unlikely to win...
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    YES! It's about time. I'll reserve my speculation until the issue hits the stands. But this definitely seems to be a promising finale, indeed.
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    Marvel to be bought by Disney

    Honestly, that seems less of a testament to consumers' gullibility than it is proof of Disney's successful branding as a "family oriented" studio. However, the Mouse can afford to take a "live and let live" stance with Pulp Fiction, Dogma, etc. because the content is inherently produced for...
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    Marvel to be bought by Disney

    Well, this is certainly shocking... I go away for a week, and when I get back, the site has a completely different name, and Marvel is on its way to becoming a Disney entity. It’s understandable to have a negative gut reaction, but let’s think about this reasonably: Disney and Marvel have...
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    The Birthday Greeting Thread (...and you smell like one) 2

    It's already Friday's birthday, on this side of the world. Greetings, man!
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    :lol: Hilarious, but oh so wrong!
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    Dream-Teaming Round 8: Excalibur

    :shock: :( :| :) :o :lol: Oh ye of little faith! But the round's all yours, Bluebeast. Congrats to all who participated.
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    Literary Elitism

    With all due respect to you both, I think harping on Loeb misses the larger problem. It's the superhero hegemony itself that gives comics a negative reputation as a medium, regardless of the artistic merits of the work produced. The Loebs and the Liefelds just make the situation more difficult...
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    Green Manor (discussion)

    Okay, i'm sold on this. What's another month of credit card debt in exchange for some classically styled pulp mystery... right?
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    Green Manor (discussion)

    ARGH! I'm definitely interested in reading this, but I really shouldn't be adding more titles to my "to buy" list. *contemplates looking for a T0rr3nt, at least until I can save up enough to order the actual books*
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    Dreamcasting 2009 Round 9: "Crime is Doomed..."

    This has been an impressive round, so far. I'm really liking Disorder's cast. Jake Gyllenhaal was actually my first pick, but I decided to go with a slightly older version of Dick, just so that I could cast a Damian who's in his mid teens, and still retain the age gap between the new...
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    Dreamcasting 2009 Round 9: "Crime is Doomed..."

    Well played, Zombipanda! I really wish I'd built a cast around Jude Law as Dick/Batman. Excellent choice, man. Haven't seen The Wire, so I can't really comment on your pick for Gordon. But I find it absolutely hilarious that you're willing to cast him, then recommend Charlize Theron (who...
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    Published Work!

    I'm going to blow my own horn very shortly, so please indulge me. I've been on a prolonged hiatus from the board, and something major happened during this period: I had a short story published in the Philippine Speculative Fiction IV anthology. I'm about to go over the terms of the contract...
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    Dreamcasting 2009 Round 9: "Crime is Doomed..."

    Batman and Robin adapted for the screen by Rian Johnson (Brick; The Brothers Bloom) based on the stories by Grant Morrison Starring... Michael C. Hall as Batman/Dick Grayson Dick Grayson's Batman is ultimately just a role he's playing. He's not *really* Batman; it's a persona he will...
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    Compound, Frustrated Hollywood Producer

    Oh, snap! I almost forgot about Elysium. I still quite like the idea. And i'm pretty sure it would draw attention from the same kind of viewers who follow True Blood (which hadn't aired yet, when I first posted this.)