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    Ultimate Iron Man II series discussion [Card/Ferry] [spoilers]

    Somebody posted the Ultimate Iron Man Ultimate Collection on a download site a couple days ago and I downloaded it just for the memories. It's even worse than I remembered. I made it about 3/4 of the way through issue #2 and couldn't go any further. The dialogue is unbelievable. I miss ranting...
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    The All About Comics Thread 5: Comic Books Ate My Paycheck

    What's everyone reading currently? I've got a lot going on so my reading list is pretty short, but it's basically just anything Star Wars. I do keep up with Chip Zdarsky's Daredevil and Deadly Class, but I'm way behind on that. I have a bunch of stuff saved for when I have time but it's going...
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    The Timeline Site expired?

    I do still have it and I believe a backup of the site as well. It was done in Joomla.
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    The Timeline Site expired?

    Sorry guys, I should have come in here to let you know what was up. After DiB passed there wasn't anyone to do anything with it and I let it lapse. I was strictly on admin/technical duty and did not contribute to the site contents in any way. You guys might be able to grab pages via...
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    Stay safe during Covid

    I've been keeping up with things digitally but I'm really not reading many comics lately. The only book I still buy in print is Saga and that's been on hiatus for months now.
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    Miracleman (Marvel)

    I bought those old stories. To be fair, I bought them at liquidation prices but still. I'm a flaming, filthy hypocrite. Also, on an unrelated note, I'm pretty sad that DiB didn't live to see this continue and finish.
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    Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

    I naively thought this would make everything easier to read and follow and was waiting for a few collections to be released before I ventured into it but there are so many different books right now it seems impossible to keep straight. I figured that this was going to get rid of all of that.
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    Trade Paperback Reading Order

    This is ambitious! We had a few members contribute to a wiki we created a number of years ago that attempted to list all known TPBs/collections and place them in reading order. We did pretty good job of it too, but I think everyone just kind of lost interest. There's a lot to go through and the...
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    State A Fact!

    What wizardry is this?!
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    Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

    So I've mentioned a few times here that I'm not an X-Men fan by any means, but when they get it right... Marvel and Jonathan Hickman Unveil Plans for 'Whole New Era' of X-Men Hickman Explains Why He Convinced Marvel to Cancel the Entire X-Men Line Basically the only time I really followed...
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    Social Thread: Invigorating your insides

    I wouldn't have thought there were more than one nuclear DNA recomberination jobs out there, No one who saw you with my kids at WW2 in Chicago believes that.
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    Avengers: End Game

    I think my mouth was agape pretty much all 3 hours. 10/10
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    State of Comic Industry

    Rising prices killed it once and it doesn't look like anyone learned that lesson. I think we even have an old thread about rising prices in comics in here somewhere. One might argue that given the age of that discussion alone it's not a valid concern but I don't know. Thinking back to when the...
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    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Things are much better now!
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    The Complaining About Life Thread

    That was quite a wild ride there...