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    DIrishB's DCAU Timeline

    Wow, Im sure we care about your super important life and kids lol.
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    DCEU Batman

    I would have to fully agree. I think the original Batman movie from 89 actually captured the feel of a Batman comic the closest. I would say all super hero movies are lacking which is why I don't watch them. The character we know from the comics will likely never be portrayed as what it fully...
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    What did you guys think of Future State?

    It looks that way as they have moved back into vol 3 with issue 106. I dont want to come off as a racist or anything but Batman is my all time favorite. I'm not a big Marvel fan as their work seems often aimed at a younger audience. I feel they ruin the credability of their characters through...
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    What did you guys think of Future State?

    It was okay. Making Batman black just because its close to Feb isn't cool though. If they made him black permanently I would stop reading Batman. The idea of the comic was cool though.
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    Calling All Batman Fans (I need some help!)

    I would suggest starting with the Legends of the Dark Knight 1989. I believe there was about 215 issues if I recall.