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    Ultimate Man-Thing?

    I dunno if this has been asked before, but in Reed's flashback in issue 7, we see the four members of the FF being exposed and changed, along with Doom...and Man-Thing. Has anything been done with this plot hook? Has the character appeared anywhere else? Or was I just hallucinating? Gavin
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    Havent bought a comic book in years...

    The hardcovers cover 13 or 13 issues. Softcovers 4 to 6 issues, usually one story arc. Ultimate X-Men has four hardcovers (Vol 1-4) covering the first, uh, bunch of issues. 48 or so. The Ultimates, volume 1, usefully covers the first 13 issues, aka Ultimates Volume 1. I recieved...
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    Ultimate # of Titles

    How about someone new? A new super team with an entirely different dynamic than what we have before? Maybe a European super team that's only tangentially related to the Union... Gavin
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    Future Hardbacks?

    Hi all. Just a question: Does anyone know about any future Ultimate hardbacks? I presume we'll see a Volume 5 of the Ultimate X-Men, a Volume 2 of UFF, Vol 2 of Ultimates and a single volume of Ultimate Galactus... Is there, for example, any possibility of seeing the two Elektra TBPs...
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    Russian and Chinese Super Soldier Teams

    Hmm...I would do it half and half. Ultimise that "Jade Dragon" (if that was his name) from Alpha Flight, Mandarin, and the "Radioactive Man" fellow - following the suggestions above, and then make another nine "captains" - (uhh, I suddenly can't remember how many provinces China has, so one...
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    Ultimate Secret #2 Discussion (Spoilers)

    Hmm. Got my issue on Friday (Ireland is more than a week behind the US). Its kinda odd to think that I will be reading issue #3 in Canada - and around my 31st birthday...gaaaaaaah. I still can't figure out Carol Danvers. Those eyes are obviously some sort of clue. Those eyes aren't green...
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    Should The Union show up in other Ultimate Books?

    The best lies are based on truth; the Union are real, but the context is probably not. The Thor technology story is fake. But the heroes are real. - The make sense in the sort of quasi real world politics of the Ultimate Universe. The EU has ambitions of being either a global partner to the...
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    Magic in the Ultimate Universe

    My view is that magic probably shouldn't be MAGIC!!!! in the UU. Having mystic super heroes in the big come-all-ye mess that is the 616 universe is one thing. But the UU should do something different. I would say that magic is a type of psychic power. Again - limiting the idea to pseudo...
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    Creepy, scrawny girls

    As opposed to pneumatic, buxom, super chicks of exaggerated proportions? A lot of girls look like the characters you describe, especially in their early teens, which is where a lot of those characters seem to be. The blonde haired, big boobed corn-fed mid-western sorts you seem to prefer tend...
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    Newsarama reveals Ultimate Defenders

    interesting... Well, this looks good. The Defenders issue is apparently a one shot, so its probably a "this is what Giant Man did next" episode. The fact that the Ultimate Defenders were introduced here implies that they will show up for some reason in the last arc. If I were a betting man...
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    Ultimate Hydra

    Hmm, Ice has the bones of a kewl plot point... Imagine a battle between Hydra on one side, and the Ultimates and the European Ultimates on the other, fighting for the future of Europe. I think they could be reimagined as something entirely different from the sort of quasi fascist costumed...
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    Ultimate Cable

    That idea works. Way back when, and I do mean WAY, I think I sent a proposal to Marvel about an 8 page story for whatever that biweekly marvel comic was. The gist of it was about an incident in Vietnam involving a guy who may or may not have been Cable and a strange VC mutant. Hmmm. I...
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    Ultimate Cable

    Hi all. I think Mutantfreak's idea is spot on. I think both he and Bishop could be easily imagined as "contemporary" mutant characters. The problem is, of course, that they are quite boring as characters go - both being mutant hard asses from The Future!!! They shoot people! Cable as some...
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    other members?

    You know...looking at that list, I can't really see anyone who really jumps out and screams me! me! me! - at least not in the context of the sainted Mr. Millar's vision of the Ultimates. Black Panther might make sense to show up every so often, though perhaps as something other than the...
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    ultimate beast

    I've been reading comics for a long time, and I will say this: the Beast is very much a second string character. I have no idea what the character was like before the "new" X-Men such as Wolverine and Colossus showed up, but I can't imagine him being very important. He wandered out of the...