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    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    This sites still going? sayyyyy whaaaaat
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    Strip Generator

    I lost all the ones i made when my pc crashed twas a sad day
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    So I'm doing a grade 11 unit on comic books...

    Sweet idea man Canada represent
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    Spider-Man The Superior Spider-Man (Slott/Stegman/Delgado) SPOILERS

    Re: The Superior Spider-Man (Slott/Stegman/Delgado) Jackal made another clone trying to improve on spider-man the guys all about ego strokes so he's crazy enough to do it Ben Reilly 2.0 is my bet
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    Avengers Young Avengers (Gillen/McKelvie) Spoilers.

    Re: Young Avengers Gillen is excellent, McKelvie is excellent I was sold at the return of Pre-Bendis style Noh-Varr But this won't see issue #13
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    Marvel: Your Universe Thread

    Drax Earthfall by Giffen and Brietweiser It was brilliant, also where that girl Cammi came from Thanos Samaritan by Giffen and Lim also set up about a third of the stuff that happened in the prologue The whole Annihilation Saga (Thanos Samaritan-Drax...
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    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    Doc Ock proves his superiority over spider-man by cursing him with the unremovable Octopus Limbs. Pretty much turning him into the Steel Spider (remember him in Thunderbolts?). This also completely destroys any chance at a normal life. Also echoes 6 arm storyline wich Slott adores.
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    Marvel NOW "relaunch"

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    Dirty Lsaundry. New Punisher short with Thomas Jane

    to be fair lionsgate was responsible for the other movies but yes that was brilliant
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    IRON MAN 3 discussion (spoilers)

    New armor suuuuucks sooooo much yellow blech I get the look they're going for using composite style materials to give it a spacecraft kinda feel/look but its gross
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    Deadpool: the game??!! yes!

    I honestly think the fake Hit-Monkey game they leaked as a fake out would have been more fun not because Hit-Monkey is interesting but because a manic third person shooter (with potential 5 weapon weilding) with heavy platforming sounds like alot of fun
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    Marvel planning 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pic

    Yessssssssssssssssss :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:
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    Marvel NOW "relaunch"

    Where'd you here those? I'm pretty sure that cover was an Avengers Decades cover from the beginning of the current NA volume (edit Scot Eaton's Hero Initiative variant) (edit also I think the one on the far right is the Eternal Sersei) The New Avengers wouldn't have the 90's (leather jacket...
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    Marvel planning 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pic

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    Winter Soldier ongoing!

    I'm loving every panel saddened that this will be Bru's only MU work for awhile, especially since it's future isn't guarenteed this is a very slick book