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    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (spoilers!)

    I'm at a loss as to why this movie has been so well received; most of the praise I've encountered can essentially be distilled to enthusiastic shrieks of "it's awesome!". And I'm not quite sure why. Every single scene in the movie was a contrived scenario to introduce a new evil ex-boyfriend...
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    Batman, Inc. (spoilers)

    Re: Batman, Inc. Most people seem to be so cynical about this, and I guess I can understand why; it's a betrayal of (or, at least, step away from) the most popular narrative motifs from the last 30 years of Batman. On the other hand, I was getting pretty bored with Batman's status quo, as is...
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    Ourchair's Awesome Anime Thread

    I'm going to try to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes this August. All 110 episodes of it.
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    The All-About Books thread

    This would be AMAZING.
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    Lost *spoilers*

    Looks like it. The DHARMA suit is most curious.
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    Ourchair's Awesome Anime Thread

    I actually didn't think Bakemonogatari was very good. The visual style made it worth watching, but the unashamedly straight-faced character archetypes really annoyed me. I was occasionally bored by the drawn out nonsensical conversations, as well. The lack of subtlety was practically a...
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    Would you live in 'The City' from Transmetropolitan?

    No. The City is a pretty interesting framing mechanism, as it provides an appropriately filthy backdrop for Warren Ellis/Spider Jerusalem to describe via lyrical Hunter Thompson-stylized gonzo journalism. Part of the point is that it's the most horrible place in the world. Ellis'...
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    Ourchair's Awesome Anime Thread

    The end of Durarara!! was good, albeit a little unsatisfying. I wish that they hadn't dropped the entire subplot with Izaya exacerbating the gang war to wake Celty's head. I really hope they do a second season.
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    Doctor Who

    Heh. I've loved Who for as long as I can remember being alive; that said, I'm completely aware of the series' widely varying quality levels. Contrary to popular belief, I've actually loved this season, as the ratio of "embarrassing campiness" to "unbelievable coolness" has been surprisingly...
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    Doctor Who

    I've read theories similar to the one that Bass posted, all of varying detail and validity. In terms of Who speculation, Bass' hypothetical foreshadowing/time displacement is pretty solid, not to mention likely, given Moffat's penchant for leaving little clues in all of his stories. I'm really...
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    Doctor Who

    I thought this was okay. The first parts of finales (and two-part episodes in general) tend to be pretty formulaic. Rory being an Auton (and "killing" Amy) was stupid, too. Eleven got to have another great "I am the Doctor and I am so clever and you should all run away screaming" moment, which I...
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    It was nice. The series hardly needed another lengthy flashback sequence, however.
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    Doctor Who

    That was Two's shtick first. Four embodied a similar persona, as well. Matt Smith's good, but is so far more an amalgamation of traits that characterized his predecessors. He's done very little to differentiate himself. Sometimes, I actually wonder if he's purposefully trying to imitate David...
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    Batman/Detective Comics Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yeah. That was neat. I thought it was good. I wonder how the 'Jokebook' will be used later on? (Because it totally will be)
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    Ourchair's Awesome Anime Thread

    I watched Rebuild of Evangelion 2.2: You Can (Not) Advance (wow, that's a stupidly long title...) earlier today. I had a lot of trouble watching the first Rebuild film because it was such a by-the-numbers retread of the original series, which I've seen a thousand times over. This one, however...