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    Ultimate Comics Avengers (Discussion & Spoilers)

    Re: Ultimate Avengers (Discussion & Spoilers) He was a descendant of Reed's dad, Nathaniel, who had a couple of kids when he went time and dimension hopping.
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    Captain America Vol. 5 by Ed Brubaker discussion (SPOILERS!)

    Re: Captain America series discussion (SPOILERS!) Even after retcons he's still the first. Isaiah Bradley from Truth is the second, he was experimented on after Pearl Harbor while Steve was already going around in costume busting Nazi's. The whole "he was first" thing was to hype the mini...
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    Ultimates #13 is Done

    Fenris will eat Odin at Ragnarok, his son Hati will eat the moon and his other son Skoll will eat the sun.
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    Ultimate Vision Mini (Spoilers)

    Re: Ultimate Vision #2 Discussion (spoilers) My shop didn't get this in so can somebody post a summary?
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four #37 Discussion (Spoilers)

    They're really trying to make Ultimate Thanos into even more of a Darkseid rip-off than the original already was aren't they? I mean giving him two sons one noble and one sadistic, a groveling servant who is terrified of him, a planet in another dimension he rules and now he even has the same...
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    Proof against Bendis' Creativity

    Wrong. At the end of the issue it's revealed to be a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream.
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    Ultimate Extinction #5 of 5 (SPOILERS!!!!!)

    Am I the only one who thinks it's the single most moronic ****ing idea Fury has ever had to send plans for a super-WMD capable of blowing up to species he has no idea about? What if the Skrull's or the Kree get a hold of it and use it to destroy the civilizations that Earth was trying to save or...
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four #28 (Spoilers)

    Does anyone else think Ben looks way to much lick Nick Lachley in this issue?
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    Wildstorm universe?

    The way I understand it is any title that's published just under the Wildstorm imprint takes place in the same universe. But if there published under Wildstorm Signature (Ex Machina), America's Best Comics (Promethea, LoEG), Homage Comic's (Astro City) or Cliffhanger (Danger Girl) they take...
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    Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 discussion (spoilers)

    Actually Bruce was originally his first name but during a guest-appearance in the Fantastic Four, Stan accidentally referred to him as Bob Banner throughout the issue. When a fan later pointed this out Stan, he came up with the explanation of Robert being his first name and Bruce being his...
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    New UFF Cover#28 President Thor [SPOILERS]

    Re: Ultimate Super Skrull (Spoilers) Yep, which means the Chitauri are closer to the Skrull's offshoot the Dire Wraiths who would eat there targets brain and body so they could assume there form along with receiving there memory. They were ugly as sin too as you can see.
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four #26 discussion SPOILERS

    You asked what UF4 is about and so far before Millar's run that's pretty much been it.
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four #26 discussion SPOILERS

    Turning great villains into goat-legged chumps? Or fighting a retarded bug-guy who shoot's himself in the head?
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    Ultimate X-Men #66 Discussion (Spoilers)

    While it isn't explained Sabretooth does have a giant red scar on his neck.
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    Ultimate Moleman

    Plus so far Ultimate Mole Man hasn't shown the Daredevil-like radar-sense and martial arts 616 Mole Man has.