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    Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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    Ridley Scott's Prometheus

    I mostly agree with your criticisms. I think there was too much idea, and not enough execution, or they decided while working, to break up the main story in a serial format. Which is amazingly foolish, as you can't guarantee a second, third, etc movie. I really enjoyed the movie for the most...
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    Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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    Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I know, a woman can dream tho.
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    I'm personally amused by constant misinformation on the president's spending, employment numbers, "broken promises" I'm still baffled that Obama's spending is slower than any president since Woodrow Wilson, that's an amazing feat that no one mentions.
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I just want Barda as a character.... is that so much to ask?
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    Art, Projects, Cosplay, and Stuffs

    I got my Wanda gloves today! I should have the tiara in a week (having Ravenwood Masks make my Wanda tiara and Batwoman cowl) Ignore the ugly ***** in the picture
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    Marvel: Your Universe Thread

    Cool, thanks.
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    Marvel: Your Universe Thread

    Does anyone know what this is from? I'm in love with Wanda's outfit.
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    Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes (spoilers)

    I love the person who *****ed about Thor being turned into a frog in USM, was "Most mishandled application of intellectual property marvel has ever done.". Ahh rabid fans... so stupid.
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    Spider-Men (Mini-series)

    I think they just didn't think it'd last till Spidey's 50th. Tho I'm curious if the have plans for the other 1963 books.
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    This is MY gas, go get your own

    i filled up at $3.509/gal
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    The Avengers discussion (spoilers!)

    Thanos would be less of a threat if Death put out more.
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    Jaggyd's Revenge

    Letting the door close behind her, the young knight looked about her room. Sparsely decorated with her personal effects was how she preferred it; less things she had to worry about when deployed. She tossed her helmet onto her bunk with a casual flick of her wrist, the joint making an odd - and...