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    Harry Potter Discussion (spoilers)

    Comparing Harry Potter to Power Rangers... blech. Voldemort is the main villain of the series. Think of all 7 books are one big epic story. You can't just have each new book have a new villain. It would ruin the continuity of the series, and each Harry Potter book adds on more and more...
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    The All About TV Shows: Thrice time's the charm.

    I just finished watching "How to get a murder". It has been a long time since I saw such a good series that I literally could not tear myself away from. I decided to myself that when the series came to an end, I would not start anything new for a long time. The series tells the story of a group...
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    The All About Comics Thread 5: Comic Books Ate My Paycheck

    I have absolutely nothing against Deadpool, I love his ongoing that Way's got going I'm just not a fan of this move Marvel's got going with the trade-ins, or the Deadpool variant month thats coming in february, also DP:MwaM isn't any good, and DP:TU's only good issue was the first one It just...