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    Arrested Development

    I hated the season 4 of this show. It was like they ran out of stories, and then took one story and extended it by re imagining it with every charter from show. The jokes were also unfunny.
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    Movies of 2015

    I didn't liked this movie at all. It created so much hype and got me excited for it. It had boring story and action. But CGI was good though. And I am saying it's terrible by comparing it with the first one.
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    Dr. Strange - MCU Film

    If this is a origin movie, I am not going to watch it. Why should I pay for something that I already know? But the chances are this will be a origin movie, as not so many people know about Dr. Strange. At least make the different origin story...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse movie (2016)

    Are we going to have Wolverine in this edition? If not, Im not going to watch it!
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    DC Extended Universe - News & Rumors

    Re: DC Cinematic Universe - News & Rumors They got me at the poster. UNITE THE SEVEN.
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    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    This is one of my favorite minion picture of all time. :D Can you please provide an image file? I wanna make a poster of this!! The only thing I don't like about the new suite is Batman logo. The Dark Knight logo was much better.
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    Batman - Arkham Knight

    Waiting for this game for soooooooooo long... Just release it already!!
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    Fallout 4

    I haven't played any of the Fallout game. But the hype train got me bad. So, which games should I play before Fallout 4? I have played bethesda's Skyrim, and it is one of my favorite games.
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    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Does anyone knows, if they are making third part of this or not? I really hope that they will make it.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Rumors, and Discussion

    I think Marvel won't reveal it until next movie. They will keep it secret till the last point. Unlike some other movies. ( Looking at you 'Suicide Squad')
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Rumors, and Discussion

    I will appreciate a Daredevil movie. Not the origin story, or not something in Marvel's phases. Just one stand-alone movie, with a grate story which is not from any comic.
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    Spider-Man Spider man and his big mouth

    He is nothing compared to Deadpool when it comes to big mouth. Deadpool not only talks back to his enemies, but also breaks the fourth wall and talk back to the readers. Although, Spidy also does this in The Amazing Spiderman TV series.
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    Spider-Man Spider-Verse Discussion/Spoilers

    I don't usually like the multi-universe, multi dimension story-lines, but I really liked the spider-verse series. There was good back story, almost all spidys were well written and established. And it also had Spiderman India!
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    Marvel Heroes Online

    As most of the free MMOs, this game is Pay to Win. I played it and didn't liked it at all. DC Universe Online is much much better than it.
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    Batman - Arkham Knight

    I have faith in Rocksteady. I don't know about unfinished game, but I think it wont have that much bugs, as the game's release is already postponed twice. Also, Rocksteady isn't one of those who sell dumb DLCs. I loved the "Cold Cold Heart" DLC from Arkham Origins.