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    Ultimate questions

    many thanks to everyone, especially Captain Canuck, for the replies. Very illuminating, but, alas, even the summary of Ultimates 3 was painful to read.
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    Ultimate questions

    Thanks for the replies, but the text is blacked out and says "spoiler." Sorry for the stupid question, but how do I remove that.
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    Ultimate questions

    I quit reading Ultimates after Millar's initial run. I've started reading again now that he's back. Would some knowledgeable soul please fill me in on some things I've missed? For example: 1. what is the Wolverine incident involving Tony that they've referred to twice? 2. What happened...
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    Should the Ultimates have remained with the government?

    Well, I think that the glory of the Hitch/Millar run was that a split from the govt was built into the plot. Subtly, things had been building in that direction since the beginning. Loeb's tenure, I think, should have begun with the Ultimates trying to figure out just what independence...
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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimates 3 #1 spoiler/discussion Well, speaking for myself, I am so upset over this ONLY because of the greatness of the first two volumes.
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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimates 3 #1 spoiler/discussion Yes, I didn't want to say anything about the art because it has the same problem as the storytelling. Hitch was brilliant. I think of his art on the Ultimates as Peter Jackson's crew thought about the design of LOTR. As Jackson said, they weren't...
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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    If this were the Wasp from the regular Marvel Universe, I wouldn't mind it, but the Wasp of the Ultimates is a research scientist with significant personal issues who happens to have mutant powers. Imagine the Green Berets choosing a research scientist to lead them. It doesn't make any sense...
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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimates 3 #1 spoiler/discussion I just read the new issue and I'm bummed out. I thought that what made the Ultimates the Ultimates was an undercurrent of realism. I realize that basically all the other Ultimate series have given this up, but the Ultimates was the flagship and now we get...
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    Ultimates 2 #13 (Spoilers & Discussion)

    I thought it was awesome. Very pleased with what they did with Thor. Does anyone know any details about vol. 3?
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    Selling Comics Questions

    I am interested in selling my Amazing Spider-Man #252 (first black costume in Amazing SM) and #300 (first Venom) when the new movie comes out. These are stored away, but I suspect they are both in good to very good condition. I also have the Secret Wars issue, but I don't think I want to get...
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    Does anyone know if Marvel plans to bring Thor back in his own regular series? I miss him.
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    Avengers New Avengers: Civil War discussion (#21-26; spoilers)

    Is there a better book, overall, in the Marvel line up than the New Avengers? I would choose the Ultimates, but the whole six month between issues thing is still annoying to me, even though I try to live with it. The latest issue, #23, is probably one of my favorite issues so far. Jessica...
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    Ultimates Annual #2 discussion (spoilers)

    I thought that this issue tried a little too hard to have an edge, which Millar pulled off more gracefully. My favorite part of the annual was the scene where Captain America and the Falcon are cruising in a Trans-Am. Loved it. I also liked the bit about the nano-technology in the Falcon's...
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 (Spoilers)

    Looks like I am mostly alone here, but I thought the Annual was garbage. First, we have another mysterious ancient society. Don't we already have the Inhumans and the Atlanteans? It's just clutter to introduce a new one. Second, I have no problem with humor, but this was just a series of...
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    The Avengers - Announced!

    My dream is that they will take the first six issues of the Ultimates and shoot them, almost, panel for panel. I was disappointed in the cartoon version--they went wrong every time they departed from the original. I believe that Millar said somewhere that he wrote as if it were a movie script...