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    Hottest Ultimate Females

    Jeez... it's harder to choose the hottest female than the hottest male! I would bed all these women (except Rogue, for health issues). I voted on Black Widow because she is a real woman. Well, not real real, but she is a fully grown lived woman.
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    Hottest Comic Males

    I was going to vote for Mojo. I just have I thing for morbidly fat albines. But being that I can't vote for him I'm going with Wolverine (draw by Adam Kubert).
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    Something I would like is...

    What if Norman Osborn was a little smatter and decided to repeat Peter's accident exactly how it happened?
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    Bendis' USM: Clone Saga (Speculation)

    I think it will be Nick Fury that will make clones of Peter to help him in his genetic superhuman race.
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    The Return of THUNDERCATS?

    Thanks. I was Tygra. :D
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    The Return of THUNDERCATS?

    This show was great. This and "Dungeons and Dragons" were my favorite shows. I was the guy with the wip that turned invisible. What was his name?
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    Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 Discussion (Spoilers)

    First I was against characters undying in the ultimate universe but I have changed my mind. Apocalypse will save us all!!!
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    Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 Discussion (Spoilers)

    Do we see Gambit's body? Is there a way he could have scaped?
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    Newsarama previews Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 & Ultimate X-Men #63.

    Sorry. It just took me by surprise. I just don't like the way he draws faces, especially his noses and eyes. His faces always have a weird felling about them that I just can't explain. I've never liked them.
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    Newsarama previews Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 & Ultimate X-Men #63.

    :panic: Good lord! What is wrong with Rogues face?! Why are her eyes so big? :shock: Tom Raney sucks!!!
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    Lost *spoilers*

    Lost is the coolest thing on cable right now. At least here in Brazil. I can't wait for the dvd to come out.
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    Alex Ross' Justice

    Is it only me who doesn't like Alex Ross that much? I don't like his realistic stile, it's too realistic. When he draws spider-man you see spideys costume all lose and crumbled, almost as it was a swet shirt. I think he over uses photographic references and his superheroes end up looking like...
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    I like it too. I'm no expert or anything but I think it is really cool.
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    Reasons to hate Wolverine

    90: He tries too hard with his Clint Eastwood routine.