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    Young Justice Animated Series (spoilers)

    damn, that was an awesome episode. I truly thought she was dead, wonderfully executed. sad that Aqua lad is only undercover though :(
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    The Hulks (after WWH)

    Makes me glad I stopped reading after the Son of Hulk event. Was Pak let go from the creative side of the Hulks or did he just stop caring?
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    Young Justice Animated Series (spoilers)

    naw, hes just gonna be evil, PURE EEEEEEVVVVVVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL. Aqualad and Original Roy team-up Thats what I was thinking, not a huge Flash fan, but I've always liked that Wally had to work for his speed.
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    The old front page is back, and the forum sidebar is gone

    true, but this saves me from having to open up each new thread to see what was said, and with the activity stream I can quickly see if anything interesting was said in thread I wouldn't have checked out and follow the conversation.
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    The old front page is back, and the forum sidebar is gone

    The Activity Stream thing is growing on me.
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    GIJoe Retaliation

    Channing Tatum also did a great job in The Vow w/ Rachel McAdams
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    GIJoe Retaliation

    I hope this is the right thread, But if you didn't know they moved the release date back to March 29, 2013 Linky Link This makes me VERY Happy, I like Tatum as an actor, and its better than that 3D excuse.
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    Game of Thrones

    Its the fact that no one major has died yet, except Renly Baratheon. also there have been no major shifts in power since the beginning of the show. While in the 1st season Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, and Khal Drogo, were all killed shifting the whole balance of power on the show and kept it...
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    Fairy Tail

    I really liked this chapter, Erza at her best, nothing gets in her way.
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    The All About Comic Book Movies Thread

    I was watching the 1st Spider-man movie (after 8 years), after the horrible fight at the end with Green Goblin and Spider-man and Norman activates his glider with the spikes and it kills him by impaling his nads. all I could think of was, John Doe (Kevin Spacey) from the movie Se7en would'a...
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    Arrow show on CW (Spoilers)

    Arrow the new show slated for the Fall before Supernatural IMDB Link official trailer for the show, judge for yourself Interview link That's really good to know and a bit off topic to this thread but.... Kristin Kreuk also got a...
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    Captain America Vol. 5 by Ed Brubaker discussion (SPOILERS!)

    Re: Captain America series discussion (SPOILERS!) Its great that the first couple of trades can stand on their own without the mainstream marvel universe bogging it down.
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    This is MY gas, go get your own

    the good 'ol days, it was about $4.25 this morning for regular,
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    Tron: Uprising Cartoon (spoilers)

    Tron: Uprising Just watched this tonight, I enjoyed this alot more than I did the new Tron movie. The animation is sort'a Batman Beyond style with a little sharpness in the people features and "vehicles", which I think works great. For fans of both Tron movies it does a decent job of tying...
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    The All About Food Thread II: The Grilled Brick.

    This is a great place as any to post this. the Star Wars Burgers downside is that's its only in Europe. :(