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    The All About Comics Thread 5: Comic Books Ate My Paycheck

    I think if you listed the comics that cost you a lot would be good maybe you have and I've not see the post I think the most costly but worth it graphic novel has to be From Hell its absolutely amazing thing to read I spent so long trying to buy it but one place wanted £12,000 for it online...
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    Batman Anthology - Timeline

    I'm not sure if I agree with you onnthe dark Knight side of things but it seems to be the same with everyone else some say the old classics are better because they story kept together but the dark Knight brought the people better such as ledger as joker and hardy as bane they were perfect I've...
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    Batman Anthology - Timeline

    Hmm interesting list that I've seen all the batman films from 1989 to now well aside from batman vs superman You also didnt say nothing about the dark Knight series is there a reason why in my opinion the dark Knight series saved me from leaving dc completely I'm more of a marvel fan then dc...
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    Marvel Animated Universe - Timeline

    Hmm seems interesting to me it's a list but you didn't mention the old spiderman cartoon from the 70s I think it was its old but it's classic and if you did post it I didnt see it but thats worth a talk that cartoon was one reason why I got into marvel that and a few old classic comics I lost...
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    New to the site and thought why not talk

    Hi all Not sure if anyone will be interested in this post but hopefully we'll get the ball rolling I have a big love for manga and its projects I love marvel and if one bad guy ever left I would be so up set Venom... If you don't like him then don't reply haha I'm messing I love the joker from...