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    Alcatraz (Spoilers)

    After the fourth episode, I just dropped it. I'm willing to give it a second chance by tuning in to a second season (if it gets one) but for now, the cool premise and Sam Neill just isn't enough to make up for the reckless use of Lost-style mysteries -- and I generally dislike Lost-style...
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    TCB's Worst Comic Art Ever

    God was that book pretty ****.
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    Awake (NBC)

    I've been really excited about this for a while, if only because I really really follow Tim Minear (Drive, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Chicago Code, The Inside) and he was attached to this at one point as a producer. It seems his involvement has been completely scrubbed off, but I remain...
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    Avengers movie discussion (news/etc.)

    That is exactly how I felt. It was even more 'touching' as far as the trailer's narrative goes, since Banner is the one who expresses his concern for their viability as a functional group when he says, "We're not a team, we're a time bomb." If a trailer is to be believed -- and admittedly it...
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    "Who Would You Like to Replace Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man??"

    I completely agree with this. Also, Bendis' Miles kinda got me back into Ultimate Spider-Man. Getting a lapsed reader interested again is really the only reason one needs to keep Bendis writing THIS Spider-Man.
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    Ghost Rider movie discussion (spoilers!)

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was absolutely horrible and my girlfriend and I loved every minute of it.
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    Can You Find The Deus Ex Machina?

    Wasn't saying it was. I was just holding him responsible for your lost memories.
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    Can You Find The Deus Ex Machina?

    Oh Superman always spinning around the earth when we r not looking
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    Avengers movie discussion (news/etc.)

    Most likely they will appear as random characters whose names are 'Hank' and 'Janet' -- perhaps the SHIELD scientist and the Avengers' uniform designer -- played by random mostly anonymous character actors and then in a future sequel when they are introduced they will be played by someone else...
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    Sherlock Holmes & the Thinking Engine

    This is still kind of awesome and I remembered it because I was editing an article on Sherlock Holmes for the magazine I work for today.
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    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man/Miles Morales Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Re: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Discussion (SPOILERS) You realize I'm being facetious, yes? Compound is pretty bad about this actually, so I love trolling him on matters of female comic book creators and their looks. So you admit to it! :D
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    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man/Miles Morales Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Re: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Discussion (SPOILERS) Sara Pachelli is kinda hot. Wait, whut?
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    Game of Thrones

    To be fair, my cat knows a bad season when he sees it. He seems to be only half-interested in the sixth season of 24, and turns his head away whenever useless guest stars with irrelevant subplots show up and rolls his eyes when plot-convenient information gets magicked into the offices of CTU...
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    Movies of 2011

    Good times, good times...
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    Game of Thrones

    I tried watching this but my cat kept stepping on the keyboard. He only stopped when I started watching 24 instead.