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    Spider-Man Spider-Man: Reign

    Looks very impressive. Tradewait though, methinks it shall read better in one go.
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    New X-Men Omnibus

    **** me sideways that sounds nice.
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    Detective Comics 821-? discussion (Dini/Williams) [spoilers]

    I think Dini's run is going to be a series of self-conbtained stories, like TAS.
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    Wonder Woman Series Discussion (Spoilers)

    Eh......right.......they gave WW to a thirteen year old.......hmmm.
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    DC Nation

    Read the latest Wizard, he gives him better odds than Ollie of getting in.
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    DC Nation

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    Captain America

    In fairness, while I may not be Ultimate Caps biggest fan, both the ***-kickings you mentioned above were more than justifed.
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    Brave New World

    Shazam still, no more Atom. Just not for me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed everything except OMAC and Atom. Trades maybe....
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    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    Re: Astonishing X-Men - series discussion (spoilers) Really? Then you'd get a kick out of Transformers.....
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    PopCultureShock features Ultimates 2 #11 preview

    Re: Ultimates 2 #11 preview Nice. Strangely I might be buying Fantastic Four.....
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    DC Solicitations for September 06.

    Solicits are here.
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    So, I picked up Green Lantern Rebirth...

    Hector Hammond. Old school GL villain, psychic, general nutcase. Check out GL #4-6 for an arc with him, pretty good.
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    DC Nation

    Superman Batman Wonder Woman Green Arrow(maybe Arsenal)* Green Lantern(Hal)** Red Tornado*** Hawkgirl Captain Atom/Marvel Not a clue who the girls are though. Canary & Zatanna? *I think the bow is a red herring, in silhouette you would still be able to make it out. This would explain...