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    Lost *spoilers*

    I don't post here anymore, but I still lurk in the weekly Lost thread updates because so far it's the best Lost fan discussion I've found. I noticed this on Lostpedia and thought I'd pass it on (no idea whatsoever if it's true). "The producers have stated that they would like to reveal more...
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    Ultimate Marvel Timeline / Chronology (v. 3.0)

    You're absolutely right, no matter what Loeb thought he wrote, it simply can't be them. So it's an alternate version. Maybe not even a real version. Just a possible Squadron, a quantum possibility.
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    Ultimate Marvel Timeline / Chronology (v. 3.0)

    ...How did he get home?
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    Ultimate Marvel Timeline / Chronology (v. 3.0)

    He was on Deadpool's plane. He just never made an appearance afterward on the island. Bendis forgot he had used him and dropped him from the story. It's an error.
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    Favourite and Least Favourite Artists

    I was being facetious. But Immonen is better.
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    Favourite and Least Favourite Artists

    No... Bagley made MJ look like a man.
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    Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon

    Fury has more appearances than Liz Allen. He's not a guest star. Furthermore, he has several relevant plot points to the series and a personal relationship with Peter. He's usually (ever?) not on the cover when he's in the issue. Bendis was probably more focused on writing the comic then...
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    With UFF and UXM canceled, will USM get all the focus of the UU?

    You know, Ultimate X-men itself could be considered a kind of reboot of the X-Universe. Ultimate Fantastic Four is a reboot of Fantastic Four. So why couldn't another reboot work? If Ultimate Fantastic Four wasn't popular to begin with, couldn't it just be changed to have more readers? It...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 Discussion/Spoilers

    Yeah, #121 was the end of it. Flashback issue?
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    Ultimate Spider-Man: And his Amazing Friends (#118-120) (Spoilers)

    I abruptly left a private high school to attend a public one midway through the year, and I told everyone that I was kicked out. Made me feel like a bit less of a weirdo. I don't really see a contradiction there.
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    Ultimate Marvel Timeline / Chronology (v. 3.0)

    I think the Fantastic Four visiting Project Pegasus during Ultimate Origins fits pretty well... since Spider-man hasn't been home in present time yet. The next arc has been all flashback, and he could see the Watcher in his attic in a couple issues when the time-line reaches the present.
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    Ultimate Spider-man: War of the Symbiotes (#123-128) (Spoilers)

    This issue was a flashback.... before Ultimate Power and before Ultimates 3. I didn't for a second have any confusion. Fury already appeared in this arc once, and no one was confused then.
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    Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annuals discussion

    Maybe if Ultimate Wolverine's claws were originally bone like a certain well-known counterpart that would make sense. But they aren't, and the other time Rogue took his powers all she got was some healing.
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    Ultimate Origins series discussion [Bendis/Guice] [spoilers]

    Spider-man sucker punched him one time, and he was definitely one-eyed.
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    Ultimate Marvel Timeline / Chronology (v. 3.0)

    Doesn't have to. Ultimates 3.1 begins after they discovered the tape because of how popular it had gotten. it could have been public knowledge a while before that.