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    Kirkman talks about what's coming up in Ultimate X-Men

    I really hope not. Longshot was too stupid of a character to be cable. Ultimate Bishop!!!:D
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    DS vs PSP

    I'm with DS. PSP may have better graphics but the ds has more innovative gameplay. The touch screen was created by...
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    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 (Discussion/Spoilers)

    i loved this issue. it was a good start to introduce spiderman to a darker world. -Anyone else smell an ultimate knights arc or miniseries coming on??
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    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Most definitely. It would hopefully be a mini. We might see any mixture of the following characters against Kingpin; Black Cat, Shang-Chi, Iron-Fist, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Spider-man, and Punisher plus any other new characters. The Kingpin could have but isn't limited to; the Enforcers...
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    First Appearance Thread 3.0

    You are missing Jim Rhodes. He first appeared in UMTU #4.
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    Captain America

    I have a question. Didn't Wasp hit Pym first?
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    Comics Continuum previews Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2

    Re: Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 2 Preview! Thanks for the info. Is the Kingpin going to be in the annual or was that a rumor.
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #97 discussion (spoilers)

    So the story starts off with Peter talking to Kitty on the phone. Kittyis mad at him because he confided in MJ the whole Morbius fiasco. She says that he loves MJ. Peter doesn't respond. He hangs up as Aunt May comes home with dinner. MJ convinces Peter to go to the mall with her. While there he...
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    I did spell it goblyn. I'm pretty sure that girl isn't a clone. Most Ultimate charcters are not exact duplicates so when Goblyn Queen comes she probably won't be a clone. I still stand by my choice of horsemen.
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    I know what you mean by easter egg. By "that girl" I meant the girl that was killed. For all we know she could be the happiest girl ever. I was just inferring for the sake of having nothing to call her.
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    Except for the fact that mj isn't a mutant and I dont see anyone else that could possibly be. Since when did it show that girl getting angry. :P :wink:
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    Brandon Peterson to pencil next Ultimate Mini.

    I agree with you. Does anyone know when the the vision comics will be collected in a paperback.
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    She had red hair and and a green shawl. Goblin enough for me. Who would you suggest?
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    Very true but you can't deny the similarities.
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    What about the 4 mutants Sinister did kill. Synch, Marrow, Legion, and (I thought) Goblyn Queen. Wheter or not these characters have anything to do with their 616 counterparts other than their powers remain to be seen.