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    The New Off Topic Thread 5. This isn't your parent's off topic thread!

    So I just experienced my first earthquake... in philly...
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    Art by Random

    Looks like Marvel might actual competition for someone other than Batman
  3. Random

    Thundercats (Cartoon Network/Spoiers)

    I loved it, I can't wait for more. I didn't find it hard to follow. But it did seem rushed just like getting this set up out of the way.
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    Random Thoughts (As in thoughts that are random, not Thoughts from the member Random)

    Re: Random Thoughts (As in thoughts that are random, not Thoughts from the member Ran I thought about creating that thread but then I thought "Ah, **** it" which pretty much the only thought that thread would consist of.
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    Art by Random

    From my thoughts on the reboot: Decided to try and see what Cap would look like based on the Avengers movie art: A Redux of a classic: The Original:
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    Green Lantern discussion thread *spoilers*

    Yeah but when it's literally anything without thinking about it there's just a point where I just say bull****. I guess what I mean is that I'm not seeing any use of willpower, concentration, and the work needed for such unnecessarily complex and sometimes childish constructions. It just makes...
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    Death of Ultimate Spider-Man (Feb. 2011)

    Just makes me glad I stopped caring about this book
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    Green Lantern discussion thread *spoilers*

    I get that but I never liked it. I always felt whenever they made accurate everyday objects like a giant hot wheel car it feels like a little kid's imagination using the toy he has lying around. I would much prefer practical tools like the hook he used when Kilowog made the sun, the swords, the...
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    Art by Random

    Here's two works I did for Mcheese's DC Reboot post.
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    Random's Great Webcomic Quest

    McCheese has just made a lengthy blog post about the DC reboot I'll be making one for next friday.
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    Captain America Movie

    I know, perfect. I disagree, there's is definitely that moment of doubt for Cap when he goes from soldier to super soldier. He just want to do his part in the fight but suddenly he's the one everyone looks up to which is a burden he wouldn't feel ready for. Cap has always been reluctant when...
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    Green Lantern discussion thread *spoilers*

    I saw it last night. It was okay not great. It really needed so reworking in the script phase. My biggest problem was that at times didn't take itself seriously in a bad way that hurt the film instead of helping it. The constructs were just too ridiculous I never liked when green lantern would...
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    Supernatural (Spoilers).

    I know right? I got into this series and few month ago and I love it. Everything is handled so perfectly.
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    Batman: Arkham City (spoilers!)

    Re: Batman: Arkham City Awesome, I love that their going with Tim Drake, and the design is pretty cool, but I agree the hair just doesn't fit.