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    616 Spidey vs Ultimate Spidey

    ah crap comic geek, its alright that your here but did you have to bring your fanatical rants about spider-man here with you?
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #82 discussion (spoilers)

    giant-man/ant-man musta took some from alice, how else would he get big and small
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #82 discussion (spoilers)

    magic is getting a stronger role in the uu
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #82 discussion (spoilers)

    i thought black cat survived because she fell in with the tablet and it healed her
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    Ultimate Omega Red

    brian reed talks about ult. omega red and silver sable at newsarama.
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    Ultimates 2 Villains Revealed in Wizard

    i think red skull= guy with chin strap from the preview of the next issue
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #81 Discussion (Spoilers)

    im sure shang-chi could do it if he wanted to, he is a master at martial arts
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    Hobgoblin TPB - blech

    and how come there are green goblin costumes in normans hideout, is that because harry thinks he is wearing a costume, and that whole scene was in harrys head, and how did he get the oz serum in him?
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    Ultimate Spider-Man #81 Discussion (Spoilers)

    i thought every 100 issues is a year since he got bit by the spider. so does that mean his b-day is on the same day as the bite
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    Is UFF the nail in the coffin?

    how do we know timetravel will never happen? because the one guy who invented it would own stock in every company and every key issue comic
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    Ultimate X-Men #62 discussion and spoilers

    if she is able to turn into small animals isnt that a huge upgrade to her powers, and who knows if it ends there?
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    Ultimate X-Men #62 discussion and spoilers

    can mystique kill someone that quickly in 616??
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    Newsarama reveals full Ultimates Annual cover

    maybe the guy that looks like cap is usagent, the two robots could be the ultimate versions of the iron man hulkbuster suits, one has the number 2 on his head because they look exactly the same and that is the only way to tell the difference. the other two captains are britain and spain, goliath...
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    Ultimates 2 #7 discussion (spoilers)

    dont forget banner
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    Ultimates 2 #7 discussion (spoilers)

    yea the soldier bit made me think cap but there are 3 people that come to mind that can place such a tactical strike like yhat. so it makes me think cap,fury, or widow