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    Disney Infinity

    It will be Star Wars, the same way 2.0 was Marvel. It still had "Disney Originals" released. I expect an official announcement tomorrow.
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    Disney Infinity

    Recently a toy manufacturer in China released box art for Disney Infinity Disney Originals for Infinity 3.0. It looks like we'll be getting Olaf (from Frozen), CLassic Mickey Mouse, Classic Minnie Mouse, All 5 emotions from the upcoming movie, Inside Out, Mulan, and actual figure versions of the...
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    How I Met Your Mother (discussion/spoilers)

    For what it's worth, the last 3 or 4 episodes have turned thing around for me a bit, this season. I think separating Marshall from the group for a little while severely weakened the show, and now that the gang is back together, things have improved. Also, the "How Your Mother Met Me" episode...
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    So, I spend LOTS of time listening to audiobooks on my commute...or whenever I drive anywhere, honestly. I wanted to start a thread so that we can share suggetsions of audiobooks that are particularly well done or even take the original print form of the book to a whole new level. -Anathem...
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    Plot ideas for an Amalgam Mutants and Masterminds game

    Me and a couple friends will be running a short Mutants and Masterminds game inspired by the Marvel/DC Amalgam comics imprint of the 90s. Basically, we will each be taking 1 hero from Marvel and 1 from DC, mixing them together to taste, and taking turns running team-up scenarios while the...
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    The Big Bang Theory (CBS) (Discussion/Spoilers).

    There's a thread on this show? Awesome. While my wife was on bed-rest during her pregnancy, we Netflixed all of the seasons of this that were out and really enjoyed it. We're all caught up now and enjoying it. The nerd humor doesn't bother me, in fact, I frequently identify with it a...
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    Google Wave...Hang Ten?

    Add me to the list of people eagerly seeking an invite. I want to ride the wave! There is a really good, but LONG, intro video somewhere...I'll find the link later and post it.
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    The Music Thread : It's So Easy To Fly Through A Window

    Rick Rolls for the hearing impaired!
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    Dream-Teaming Round 13: To put right what once went wrong...

    Writer: Peter David (great with temporal/multiverse story-lines) Artist: Sean Phillips (great at disjointed, detailed and surreal artwork) This is the team where alternate-universe crossovers live on! The Team: Havok: Team leader. He finds his role as Nexus of realities has returned, and he...
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    All About Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Whathaveyou)

    And, for maximum fun, make sure you have 3 mics for The Beatles Rock Band. Performing the harmonies has been VERY fun.
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    All About Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Whathaveyou)

    Beatles Rock Band is an island of Rock that can't be reached by any other music. Rock Band 2 can play all non-Beatles Rock Band DLC, plus you can import most of the play-list from RB1 and the upcoming RB:Lego Rock Band 1 can play all non-Beatles Rock Band DLC. Rock Band LEGO will be...
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    Dream-Teaming Round 12: So Hulk, Namor, and Dr. Strange Walk into a Bar...

    The Defenders The Big Idea: America has its defenders. The world has its defenders. Even the galaxy has its defenders. That's not what we do. We defend reality itself. The Series: I wanted to get back to the core idea of the Defenders by selecting 4 interesting Marvel characters that are...
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    Dream-Teaming Round 11: Ladies' Night!

    I need to get back into being a contributing member of the board and miss playing these games. I'll likely do the next one.
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    Your TV "Pull list".

    I'll preface this with: T.V. is currently my main form of entertainment. Don't judge me by the hours, judge me by the quality. My current fall schedule: Sunday: Whatever T.V. on DVD my wife and I are currently working on. Recent shows have included The West Wing, Arrested Development, 30...