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    Ultimate Comics Avengers (Discussion & Spoilers)

    The punisher has to wear a mask so if he is seen in public no one will recognise him as the punisher
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    World War Hulks event discussion(spoilers)

    It is easy you just say that he was having the conversation in his head....? because the Red Hulk was knocked out at that point! I am enjoying this storyline as soon as Loeb teamed up with Pak it is good because Pak must be helping with writing a clear story and Loeb just has to follow with the...
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    Lost *spoilers*

    Wow did not even think that Lapidus is dead but now that i think about it, he was not on the beach so it is assumed that he died.... sad. I don't want this to end any more. DVD box set will be bought if this show continues. I was on the edge of my seat with this episode.... as soon as locke...
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    X-Men: Second Coming (Discussion & Spoilers)

    Cable is on the cover of of the X-men titles in the latest previews... but it does say an x-men makes a sacrifice in that issue so he might not die until then, but yeah i will go with nightcrawler!
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    X-Men: Second Coming (Discussion & Spoilers)

    Doesn't cable have a series with deadpool coming back... surely they would not kill him off to start up a series with marvel's most popular character..DEADPOOL!
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    Spider-Man Spider-Man: The Clone Saga series discussion (Yep you read that right)

    Looks like this is happening as well.
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    Blackest Night discussion (Spoilers!)

    Can someone pm me a link to a torrent for issue 3 cause we do not get these books til the next wednesday they are released :(
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    What has been the BEST Marvel you've read in these categories?

    BEST... Spider-man story/event - New Ways to Die - The Art was great and the story line was interesting Captain America story/event - The whole of Brubakers run, it has been interesting, and made me like the character and made me check out more of Brubakers work. F4 story/event -...
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    Blackest Night discussion (Spoilers!)

    Re: Blackest Night (general discussion) The Indigo tribe seems to be able to absorb the powers from the different corps and use it against them. The leader put her hand on the green lantern, and started to produce the uniform/symbol thing that floats off the chest of a green lantern. Then...
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    Comics Shipping July 15th. There's corn everywhere!

    Yes everyone should pick up Blackest Night number 1 to give it a go.
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    Green Lantern series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Issue 43. I Love Geoff Johns. I am so glad i started reading Green Lantern when Sinestro Corps War came about. This issue is focused on The Black Hand, From when he was a little kid and his obsession with death. Stuffing the pet dog and putting it in his room going into therapy . Finding...
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    Avengers Captain America: Reborn (Brubaker/Hitch) MAJOR SPOILERS

    I thought the gun froze Captain America in time, and the machine at the end of the Skull destorying America Economy was to bring him back to this time for whatever plan the Red Skull had. But because Agent 13 destroyed the machine, that then sent him through time. Not the actual gun.
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    The new TPB/HC thread

    Yeah that was in New Zealand dollars not american
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    The new TPB/HC thread

    Yeah i got those 3 Omnibus books coming in one order, i thought they would spread them out. I thought the Ultimates one was out in july..... but i guess not. $278 dollars on one order..... geez
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    Blackest Night discussion (Spoilers!)

    Re: Blackest Night (general discussion) Where is that from?