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    Comic Dreamcasting #25 The Amazing Spider-Man (Ends 1-19-08)

    Spider-man/Peter Parker: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gwen Stacy: Amy Smart Uncle Ben: Mark Hamill Norman Osborn/Green Goblin: Josh Brolin Harry Osborn: J. Jonah Jameson: Dennis Farina Robbie Benson: Morgan Freeman Detective Stacy: Michael Biehn Eddie Brock: Scott Caan
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    Dreamcasting #11 - GHOSTBUSTERS (closes 4th November)

    Venkman- Seth Rogen Egon- Paul Rudd Winston- Chiwetel Ejiofor Ray- Jason Segel Janine- Linda Cardellini other than Ejiofor this cast just got Apatowed.
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    Who Would You Like To See Ultimized??

    I would like to see either Punisher or Daredevil with at least good minis, just to establish there characters in the universe, they don't need ongoings just a good cornerstone of where their character comes from in this universe. For the Punisher I would like to see a 6-issue mini, or maybe...
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    First Appearance Thread 3.0

    Well technically the zombie 4 were the ultimate frightful four weren't they, and team-up shouldn't even be counted as cannon.
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    Ultimate Apocalypse's Horsemen

    I'll admit I didn't read the whole thread, but I'll put in my two cents anyhow. Now Angel, to me has always been an obvious choice for death, seeing as how he would be interpretid as the "Angel of Death", plus the name Archangel was always hella cooler. Take Blob as famine, for iranys...
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    Howling Commandos

    That would be a cool story to see ultimatized, Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, with Dugan, the man proboly has the best mustache in the Marvel universe.
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    Iron Fist

    I'm pretty sure he was, in his first pannels wasnt he being released from police custody
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    I had an idea not unlike that of Dr Strangefates, but you can still make him related to Jean by making him her uncle decorated warhero Nathan Grey, my idea was to have Cable as a grizzled old war horse who led, yes, i chose X-Force as well, a black-ops team watched over by SHIELD and Nick Fury...
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    Iron Fist

    I know i'm probobly alittle late on this one, but i just wanted to know what other fans thought of Ultimate Iron Fist, personally I thought he kind of sucked, and he shouldnt have been some criminal, I think Iron Fist is an underrated character who has a pretty interesting origin which some...
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    Ultimate Mandarin

    I don't know much about the 616 Iron Man, but I do know that Mandarin was some sort of sorcerer, so I never thought he was the best Iron Man villain, but I had an Idea that involved Mandarin being a enemy of Iron Fist in the ultimate universe.
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    Where Gambit went.

    Another theory, nothing to do with gambit, is that Prof. X gave everyone the memory of beast dying, when he was actually X's first Black Ops guy, before Syndicae or Angel.
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    Where Gambit went.

    I have a theory, with no real basis on info, that Gambit never died, well he may have died but SHIELD arrived in time to rececitate him, after they got him all patched up they trained the now powerless Remy LeBeau and gave him a job as a Black Ops agent. Gambit agent of SHIELD.