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    Ultimate Solicitations for August, 2006

    Could be wishful thinking.. but i just would like to see a sort of ultimate fall of mutants story that touches every title like the one in the 616, see the whole Archangel deal and what not..
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    Ultimate Solicitations for August, 2006

    Last I checked wasnt Angel still hot for Dazzler? If Kurt and Dazzler hook up, could this lead to some tension for Angel? Possibly a reason to stay off the team longer term, maybe fall in with the wrong crowd, end up duped by a guy by Apocalypse and become death?
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    Bendis....How did you ruin Deadpool?!

    hehe he said bamn him instead of damn him.. hehe..
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    Marvel Zombies Vol. 2, Poll.

    underwhelming was a good word for it
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    PopCultureShock previews Ultimate Fantastic Four #27

    those zombies give me the willys.. plain and simple.. cahreepy
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    Ultimate Iron Man #4 (Spoilers)

    im thinking that was an attempt at humor.. thats ok.. its cool to be in the minority.. I WANT EQUAL RIGHTS!! I SHall overcome! I Shall Overcome somedayyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Ultimate Iron Man #4 (Spoilers)

    Im feeling like Im the only one who enjoys this series.. and I do.. I really do..
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    Am I the only person who actually likes Ultimate Iron Man?

    Re: Ultimate Iron Man? I love the series so far.. I just wish it didnt take forever for it to come..
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    Who should join the X-Men next?

    I just voted for Multiple man cos he is cool.. hehe
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    Ultimate Handbook 2005 USM & UFF [editor notes begin on pg. 7]

    I can defnitely concur with that.. more original art.. I actually like Bagley's take on the UFF on the cover.. much better than Land's bland crap I am seeing in the book now.
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    Ultimate Fantastic Four #22 (SPOILERS)

    nice little doom quote reworded
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    Ultimate Handbook 2005 USM & UFF [editor notes begin on pg. 7]

    I think we now have all the info necessary for someone to do decent profiles of all the characters though.. add some cool art.. and it should rock..
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    Avengers Young Avengers series discussion (spoilers)

    Young Avengers #6 Discussion (spoilers) Well I got the issue today and thought it was pretty good. The new costumes are pretty cool over all though I kinda liked Patriot's full face mask better than the one he ended up with. Its kind of a tragic story as well. I wonder if Kang will show up...
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    Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 Discussion (Spoilers)

    I give it two because Gambit died too quickly.. I have actually liked his characted in the UU better than in the 616 just cos he seems to have more heart.. in 616 it was all about chasing booty.. but his first Ultimate appearance I thought was an awesome read.. Juggs falling for Rogue? That...
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    The Chronicles of Narnia

    I thought the trailer was actualyl quite awesome.. it has the same people working creatures as the LOTR series did.. and yeah.. Walden Media the company who has the rights for this series has the rights for all the other books as well so I imagine they will do them all..