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    Star Wars General Discussion (dedicated to Houde) I'm thinking the reincarnations of The Son and The Daughter from Mortis.
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    Star Wars General Discussion (dedicated to Houde)

    Anyone playing Galaxy of Heroes? Looking for allies.
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    Star Wars General Discussion (dedicated to Houde)

    Is there a thread for Rebels or is anyone watching it?
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    Deadpool movie discussion (SPOILERS)

    Way too much love story and poor villains. Good laughs, Reynolds is Deadpool, good characters, and even good chemistry between Reynolds and Baccarin. But, yeah, way too much love story for a Deadpool flick.
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    Fantastic Four Reboot Not surprising. Too bad. A lot of good talent involved.
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    Ant-Man Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    I don't ?
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    Star Wars General Discussion (dedicated to Houde)

    I've done some deep research. Maybe someone here has stumbled onto something figuring this out. Is Dash Render canon? Canon sources acknowledge The Outrider at Mos Eisley during ANH but everything else surrounding that is still considered legends.
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    Ant-Man Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    One of the glaring problems I had was that most of the minority characters were goofy comic relief.
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    Ant-Man Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    Really? That would be cool. Can't wait to rewatch and see if I can catch that.
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    Ant-Man Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    Just felt like it could've been something more exciting.
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    Ant-Man Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

    I thought the first half dragged but when it kicked into gear it was great. I thought the mix of humor and action was well done and the action focusing on the powers was pretty exciting and unique. Was really hoping for a Dr. Strange egg to come with the sub-atomic shrink. Looking forward to...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse movie (2016)

    Anyone have any thoughts on the alleged Magneto/Mystique romance? It's been bugging me for two reasons.
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    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Anyone going to the Philly Wizard World next weekend? I'm bartending close by Friday and Saturday night if you want to stop by. I'm going to the convention on Sunday if anyone wants to meet up.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Rumors, and Discussion

    These shows going to get there own threads? Anyway I'm all for the Charlie Cox casting. I don't remember it ever being rumored to be set in the 70's but I feel like Marvel already made the wrong move with the whole old man Hank Pym. At least not with Daredevil.
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    X-Men: Days of Future Past (SPOILERS)

    I guess I should have stated that I am familiar with the comics and story and they're trying to make nods to the comics. That aside I'm talking solely about how some of it didn't work. It's fine that they used the characters the way they did but in the larger scope of the mythology it didn't...