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    Fantastic Four Reboot

    Hmmm I'm a corporate video maker by day. I don't care how posses off this exec supposedly is. Disney have a VERY strong history of squeezing their assets for all they are worth. I mean how many marvel projects are there over the next 5 years? 8 movies? 8 tv shows? My point being the idea that...
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    Summer 2015: Marvel revisits a bunch of old stories

    Marvels events have been tooooo many and overwhelming in respect to their tie ins. The main stories are never that strong either, it's only in the greater context of every tie in issue that you get a sense of scale. If they can keep this sensible, kill off the ultimate universe with a little...
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    Okay just read volumes 1-18. I think I'm of the same mind as everyone else ever who has read invincible. It starts off meh but enjoyable and then gets reaaaallly good with lots of different threads. The last few volumes haven't quite lived up to their billing and marks "journey to become a...
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    The End of the Ultimate Universe

    I think I said this when cataclysm cam around and they used that as as restart number 3. The ultimate universe got me into comics. It felt fresh, more adult, and I lived some of the twists on characters. Wolverine actually leaves cyclops to die so he can do jean!!! Mary Jane knows within 5...
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    Ultimate FF cancelled after 6 issues...

    Just read these. I'm not a massive FF fan altogether, but was willing to give this a go. Artwork was awful throughout. Seriously, I'm sorry to lay into people professions but who on earth chose those colour schemes?!? Iron man looks awful. Story wise, it's admirable that the writer bothers to...
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    Wolverine & The X-Men v2. (Jason Latour/Mahmud Asrar)

    If wolverine is dead then how does old wolverine ( that does explain how he suddenly gets old) keep turning up in the first series? I would have preferred a different approach then to start it again so marvel can have another #1 and then have to go with special guest headmasters.
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    Wolverine & The X-Men (Spoilers) (Jason Aaron run)

    Just finished the omnibus. Overall I liked this series but as like many comic series it felt a little rushed in places, tried to introduce a few too many characters and had it's weak arcs, but overall it was enjoyable. I liked the fact that in the omnibus you are aware that it's tying into...
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    Ultimately cancelled?

    I think the good thing with the ultimate universe used to be that it would come back and go : actually this is weird isn't it? Like with Thor I loved ultimates 2 and everyone going? Wait...this guy is a god? And with cap there was much more if the out of time stuff and I guess 50s jock guy...
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    Ultimately cancelled?

    What did you think of the ultimate comics: ironman story? Devil in the armour? Something like that?
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    Ultimately cancelled?

    I liked the origin but and how he'd always been making the suit throughout his life but the ending sucked and I don't like how they gave him a reason for drinking, that's a key component of his character, his drinking problem.
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    Ultimately cancelled?

    I want things to end on the sense that as others have said, I've invested time effort and money into the ultimate universe and rather than see the characters I love be picked off one by one I'd hope to see and ending worthy of them. Is that too much to ask for?
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    Ultimately cancelled?

    Once again there are rumours that in the next big event (because we all love it when marvel churns out big events) that all the universes might collide and merge. Bendis is being a dick about it. We all hoped cataclysm might have given us an ending, but with FF gone and New Ultimates not far...
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    Disney Infinity

    I like the look and feel of these so much... If I were them I'd have done non game ones too
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    Spider-Man Best recent stuff?

    I just like to know that one day they'll end stuff I guess!
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    Spider-Man Best recent stuff?

    Awesome thanks for taking so much time to reply