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    Brie Larson

    I’m glad I missed it. I hope this doesn’t over shadow the movie. I know it’s making rotten tomatoes to modify ratings right now...but why can’t they just be an actor.
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    Best tablet?

    That's awesome to hear. I've played with the Surface on Alaska flights back when they would hand them out, and it was nice enough to watch movies on. I've since gone multiple years without an apple ipad. I would like to get something relatively inexpensive to read comics. I always thought...
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    Are you overall satisfied with how the MCU is?

    It's awesome to get more exposure to the comic world, and the fact they are money makers with original stories means folks really get the chance to see the stories we grew up on come to life. I say keep on keeping on! Excited for some of the Disney rides to come to life, and hopefully we will...
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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Excellent movies, and was so great to see how they continue to make everything interesting. I didn't care for Nicholas Cage...but he was even tolerable in the small amount his voice was featured..and it fit the part. I can see what everyone enjoyed the movie overall! If you haven't seen...
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    Welcome to The Comic Board!

    Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Captain Marvel

    I can't wait to see how this phase will end for sure. I also hope Hulk will come out and do what he does.
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    To slab or not?

    If you're going to pay big money you slab.
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    Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad Spin-Off)

    Can't wait, hope it returns before August. However, I do think the new season will possibility be the last.