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    Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

    So I read it. I got a very Children of Tomorrow, Maker vibe, like what Hickman did with evil Reed Richards from the ultimate universe. I'm doubting that's Xavier at all. I'm doubting any of them are actually 'real'. I think all these X Men are just manufactured children.
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    Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

    Anyone read this yet? Can't find a copy.
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    Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

    It be interesting, that's for sure. And I'm not that familiar on Xmen lore, so I won't mind if he changes things to fit his story. That was the one thing that annoyed me about his FF run and his subsequent Avengers run. He took alot of liberties on certain ideas and changed them up to fit the...
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    Doctor Who Timeline

    I miss Torchwood
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    Avengers: End Game

    Saw it., liked it, and glad I'm done with marvel movies on a whole.
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    State A Fact!

    It's not wizardy, IT"S SCIENCE
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    Social Thread: Invigorating your insides

    As everyone in my entire life has told me.
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    Still a whore?

    Still a whore?
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    Social Thread: Invigorating your insides

    Hello all, Figured why the hell not, and start one of these. I tended not to do it when the site was in it's infancy, but what the hell, no many people here post anymore to make fun of whatever is put as a title. So, it's been a while since the last time I was here properly. Got some time so...
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    State A Fact!

    Wow. Four years before I had a kid, I already had his name..... .......
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    Iron Man discussion (Spoilers!)

    With the Avengers Endgame being out, I decided to go into the wayback machine and read our reactions to the Iron Man film. Good times.
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    The Complaining About Life Thread

    Oh to be young.
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    Doom's a Dick

    Doom is still a dick.
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    Eppendorf Mastercycler

    This was my favorite fake manga ever.
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    Growing up

    Had those at my old house. It doesn't work too well.