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    Ultimates V2 #10 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I buy Tony as paranoid, but I don't buy him intruding on Natasha's mind unless it's a desperate situation.
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    NYCC Ultimate Universe Panel-new UFF creative team revealed, and more...

    Hm. What if Betty Ross is Ultimate She-Hulk, and Banner finally gets some peace?
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    Ultimate Extinction #2 (SPOILERS)

    Look at the top of the page with Cap and The Falcon drinking, when Fury tells them about the Bomb Blast. The speech bubbles are quite obviously switched.
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    How "Kewl" is it when Nick Fury gets his *** handed to him by the up and coming hero

    Because of the power and authority Fury wields, he should be challenged the most. The Anti-Ultimates have the right idea. One of the central themes of the Ultimate Universe has been the danger of centralizing power - see Ultimate Six #7 for the best example of this. Reed Richards knows...
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    Ultimate Extinction #2 (SPOILERS)

    Thank you for your kind welcome. I'm just thinking some time down the line we'll see "When you took Gah Lak Tus into your mind... " or "When you went into The Void Of The Uncreator... " It might even work for Ultimate Onslaught, should such a beast come to pass.
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    How mad would you be...

    I don't know what the Bass option is, but I'd be very displeased. The beauty of Ultimates 2 is that nothing we've seen is absolutely implausible, and the stuff that skirts that line - the mass of Anti-Ultimate footsoldiers and powered suits, and Loki - serve as demonstrations of what their...
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    How would you rate Ultimate Nightmare overall?

    I downloaded it and read it without a single preconceived notion of the characters or situation. I was just killing time. When the book started, we had a mystery. We saw two parties assemble groups to investigate, and we saw the mystery get weirder and weirder until it all made sense...
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    Ultimate Extinction #2 (SPOILERS)

    I am very concerned with the influence Gah Lak Tus might have on the mind of Professor Xavier - or Jean Grey. Something about world-destroyers and Jean doesn't sit right with me.
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    Ultimate MODOK

    Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing? I thought it was already alluded to in UXM 10 - the idea of a big sack of genes could easily grow, no pun intended, into MODOK.