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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimates 3 #2 discussion [spoilers] All I have to say is that at least it was better than the first one, which isn't saying much now that i think about it.
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    Does the Ultimate Universe lack villains who rely solely on brains?

    I'm going to disagree with that, what about the Mad thinker, Rhona Burchill. Sure she expanded her brain by grafting some of her mothers brain tissue unto her own but, she was pretty much working only with brain power to try and take out the UFF
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    The Ultimate End..... for real?

    Yesssssss!!!!! I loved that Show!!!! If they were to cancel UFF per say... i would imagine them putting the UFF with the Ultimates and kind of combine them together. Or in a worst case scenario turn them into side characters that make frequent appearances in all the other books. Hopefully...
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    The Ultimate End..... for real?

    Nope, i don't think this will be the case, they will not cancel the series. When you look at the sales for the ultimate books compared to the 616 books the ultimates are close on their tale and sometimes even surpass the 616 stories.
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    Ultimate Iron Man II series discussion [Card/Ferry] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimate Iron Man II #1 Discussion/Spoilers So Tony is a mutant... according to the first iron man arc, if i'm not mistaking, doesn't he have neural tissue all over his body, and also he can heal himself like Wolverine apparently, but not as fast?This is just confusing, guess we will have...
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    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Re: Ultimates 3 #1 spoiler/discussion Wow!!!!! I picked up the issue yesterday and i still have not been able to quell the rage building inside of me. So many questions have come about from this travesty of a comic book, and not all of them are about the plot line. In my opinion one of...
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    Comic Book Ratings

    Re: Question It's obscure because the "A" could mean anything. Usually when you have a rating system its in the front. Second not all the comics have the "A", Vol Six with Venom has an "A" next to the upc code but not Vol. 7. I don't think A stands for all ages because all the TPB would have them.
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    Comic Book Ratings

    Re: Question Seems really obscure. To obscure to be a rating system but if it is i think they really need to revamp it.
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    Comic Book Ratings

    This may have been answered somewhere before but, I've been buying the spiderman TPB and i realized that not all but some of them have a little A in a white box next to the upc code. I was wondering if anyone knows that that is? Is it a different, newer edition? Or maybe a censored version...
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    Ultimates 2 #13 (Spoilers & Discussion)

    I just want to say WTF? We waited for this for so long and this is what they give us. The spread in the middle of the comic was kind of cool but, it doesn't make up for the crappy and odd story line. On the plus side Ultimates, 3 cannot be any worse.
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    Ultimates #13 is Done

    So we go from issue 12 where they kill the liberators to the ultimates fighting norse gods. I'm sorry if I seem a little rash but WTF!!!!!
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    Hitch clears the air regarding Ultimates 2 #13

    I'm getting severely dissapointed with this. I stopped buying comic books for a little while and stopped checking out the solicitations website and what came out? Almost nothing. Still no ultimate hulk vs. wolverine, no new ultimates and the other ultimate series are barely moving along as well...
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    Ultimate X-Men #77 Discussion (Spoilers!)

    this was a great issue, i'm just not to happy with the last revelation of Xavier being in love in Jean. That is kind of rediculous and had little to do with the story. So what that he loves Jean, he didn't have to say it. It seems like he did because they were trying to find a shocker for the...
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    Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine #3 cancelled

    I've been waiting so long for this book to come out, i hope they'll release it by the time i'm married and with kids and really close to my retirement.
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    Ultimate Spiderman #102 discussion (Spoilers)

    I think the whole MJ becoming a goblin is crap too. Maybe she should become something more original but i guess that is what the OZ turns you into a goblin.