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    Dr. Strange - MCU Film

    Karl Urban for angry suave Stephen Strange.
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    Marvel planning 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pic

    Seriously, I've never read a single issue and the extent of my knowledge on these guys is how Rocket Raccoon is presented in ULTIMATE MARVEL Vs CAPCOM....and the trailer tells me nothing about this.... ......and yet I can't get the trailer outta my head and stop feeling like I HAVE to see this...
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    Marvel planning 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pic

    My favorite thing about the preview was that it didn't give away anything.
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    Fantastic Four Reboot

    GOAT LEGS!!!! But seriously, it's more like what I DON'T wanna see---which is a 90min origin story. Again. While F4 isn't the most recognizable superhero team to the non-comic person (who shall henceforth be referred to as The Pitied), a quick origin backstory for new fans could be done in a...
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    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    I'm inclined to agree. He's worked too hard to legitimize his acting and directing cred over these past few years to let it all go waste with doing a rushed-job blockbuster that puts him back in Daredevil/Gigli territory.
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    The New Off Topic Thread 5. This isn't your parent's off topic thread!

    Wrong. It's gonna go next to the Colecovision.
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    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    I can't say I agree with casting Eisenberg but Irons is a great choice. That said, I can definitely see Eisenberg playing the young, wunderkind Luthor who isn't so much a possible physical threat to Superman but the kind of snobby genius akin to his portrayal in Red Son.
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    Bruce Timm Universe Adoration Thread

    Season 1 of JLU was the Timmverse pinnacle to me. Season 2 was great adventure stuff, but it does come off as "we were done, but the fans wanted we shrugged our shoulders and gave em more".
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    Community (Spoilers)

    I'm not saying this season is phenomenal...but it's a definite improvement from last season. I don't miss Pierce, but I wish they hadn't replaced him like they did. I understand there's a balance to the group dynamics but I'd rather have had one of the great secondary characters join. I...
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    The All About Comics Thread 5: Comic Books Ate My Paycheck

    So I've been outta Marvel comics for a while and I'm looking to get back into them. Last thing I read was FEAR you see how far behind I am. Before I've been into the New Avengers by Bendis and their individual titles: Iron Man, Thor, Cap. There's more but I'm looking into some...
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    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    I saw this yesterday and was thoroughly entertained and yet pissed off. Cumberbatch as Smaug was excellent! One of the best memorable "villain voices" since DKR Bane. Seeing Legolas again was cool...especially since his return was introduced with him riding a down a killed beast like...
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    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Thanks. True friends try to throw off CSI...
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    Geek Fight

    Said no Doom ever. Now I wish I had seen the actual response. And wow, of all the threads to revive?
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    I don't know how I feel about the ninja-based DLC. On one hand it's cool to play as ninja Bruce and even early vigilante Bruce...but again, being limited to using these 2 options in only combat and predator maps kinda takes the fun outta it since the rest of the skins aren't really worth it...
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    Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Fall 2013)

    There is one that always spawns right in front of Xavier's School. I've beat the story and unlocked a huge amount of characters. Some characters are actually cool to unlock (Pepper Potts as Rescue!) and others are plain boring (Aldrich Killian and Mary Jane). But I'm like 2 weeks away...