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    FS: Hellboy w/ Corpse Bust (Sideshow Collectibles)

    I have a Hellboy with Corpse Bust from Sideshow Collectibles for sale. This bust is limited to 1500 made, and mine is in great condition having only come out of the box once. I'm asking for $95. You can view a detailed description with pictures of the item at this link...
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    The All-About Video Games thread

    What 360 game should I get? I'm trying to decide between Borderlands, Assassins Creed 2 (although I never played the first), or Mass Effect in preparation for Mass Effect 2. Or any other suggestions?
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    Always Sunny

    One of my favorite shows. My favorite episode has to be "Sweet Dee Is Dating A Retarded Person".
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    The DVD purchase thread

    Control. Haven't watched it yet, but it looks great.
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    The Office (american version)

    My favorite episode so far.
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    The DVD purchase thread

    I've watched the first three episodes, and so far its great.
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    The DVD purchase thread

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Seasons 1 & 2
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Friend Code: 2062-9117-6820
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    Xbox 360

    When I had to send mine in, they specifically told me not to send my hard drive. Just the console.
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    The DVD purchase thread

    Rendition, The Departed, and The Good Shepard. I'm excited.
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    One Missed Call

    This was the worst movie I have ever seen. I was laughing in some parts.
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    The DVD purchase thread

    Just got Superbad Unrated. Can't wait to watch it.
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    Guitar Hero 3

    Maybe, I just don't read anything on the PS3 so that's why I didn't know.
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    Guitar Hero 3

    Oh ok.
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    Guitar Hero 3

    No, just downloadable content for the 360.