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    X-Men: The Last Stand discussion !!!SPOILERS!!!

    I loved this movie. The onlyt problem I had with it was it seemed to short. BUt they were able to fit alot into an hour and a 45 min.
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    Unexpected Ultimization (USM: Clone Saga)

    Dear God what happened to him?! He looks dreadful! Oh wait, he was introd in "Power Pack." That answers everything!
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    Essential X-Men (Vol. 2)

    Again, great issue. I didn't even care it was late.
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    Weird Dreams

    Probly my freakiest fortelling dream: 9/11 on the night before it happened.
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    New Ant-Man series

    Is anyone else interested in the idea of a new Ant-Man, or am I just weird?
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    Coming in October: "Ultimate Power".

    It could be interesting. I see it as it's either gonna be great, or suck out loud.
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    Favorite comic book artist?

    1. Salvador Larroca 2. Andy Kubert 3. Brandon Peterson 4. David Finch 5. Bryan Hitch
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    Ultimate Mandarin

    Well they could make Mandarin a new recruit in the reserves for Ultimates. They give him ten rings that have different powers and he goes crazy thinking that Aliens are trying to talk to him through a neural headband that he controls the ring with. He could fight Iron Man and be taken into custody.
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    Ultimates 2 #12, cover and solicitation revealed on Joe Friday's

    Re: Ultimates V2 #12, cover and solicit Yeah and he can't get Ultimate Spidey's eyes very well either. I mean they look like the eyes but Ultimate's eyes are BIGger, ya know?
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    Avengers Young Avengers series discussion (spoilers)

    ......................................................................... what?
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    Avengers Young Avengers series discussion (spoilers)

    can u tell me where u saw it online? I've been trying to find stuff by googling it and its always stuff like: "FREE CAR...for $100,000,000
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    Ultimate X-Men cover #71 revealed

    Re: Ultimate X-Men cover #71 I hope so, cause that could turn into a good story I think. But I just don't understand how, if they were in a war (for lack of a better word) why would hey communicate with each other on friendly terms? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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    Ultimate X-Men cover #71 revealed

    Re: Ultimate X-Men cover #71 Well, I mean other then that they were hallucinations. I hope theres somthing more to it.
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    Ultimate X-Men cover #71 revealed

    Re: Ultimate X-Men cover #71 That's true. I had completly forgotten about that, but I don't like this new guys art. I like Raney and Peterson better. Heck even Immomen (although he did get better after a while. Also, I hope those little demon things get explained. I always wondered about...
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    NYCC Ultimate Universe Panel-new UFF creative team revealed, and more...

    Do you believe I was about to ask y She-Hulk would appear in a Wolverine and HULK miniseries. lol. I'm so stupid. Anyway, who were the people in the UFF character concepts? Were they like the Ultimate Eternals?