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  1. Cheimison

    I've Never Needed a "Jumping—on“ Point

    Yeah you need to read to be literate. You don't need some access point. Just read. Honestly, I'm not actually interested in talking to anyone at all.
  2. Cheimison

    I've Never Needed a "Jumping—on“ Point

    I can read completely new superhero comics and follow exactly what's going on. Continuity isn't relevant, except when it comes into a particular story, and knowing general tropes about major genres is far more useful than trying to follow the incoherent mess that results if you even bother to...
  3. Cheimison

    Is Earth 12 in the Comics Multiverse supposed to actually be the DCAU or is it a variant?

    Yeah I can't take editorial fiat seriously. All this attempt to force editorial meta into the universe itself is nonsense and basically just says that there really isn't a canon. I really don't care about what DC says regarding us continuity, because it's constantly changing and most of these...
  4. Cheimison

    I've Never Needed a "Jumping—on“ Point

    The excuse made up for reboots and numbering gimmicks is often that new readers need a 'jumping on point'. First of all, they usually fail and it's just as incoherent and weird as before but now with a false start to make it even more confusing. Secondly, I've never needed any such thing. I...
  5. Cheimison

    Is Earth 12 in the Comics Multiverse supposed to actually be the DCAU or is it a variant?

    Here's the questions I'd ask: What possible way could you tell that it's a different universe, rather than just inconsistent continuity? How long until DC forgets or removes either the comic or the universe map from 'canon'? Do the actual authors put any thought into the distinction, or are...
  6. Cheimison

    Where are Metropolis and Gotham in other universes located other than the Delaware Bay layout?

    Cleveland, New York, and Chicago are some earlier places they've been identified with. Smallville placed Metropolis on Kansas (since driving to Delaware every third episode would be ridiculous).
  7. Cheimison

    Which Batman Beyond comics are set on Earth 12 while what are the ones actually set in the DCAU?

    I'm sure there are enough continuity problems in both to make it almost irrelevant. Given that most writers barely care about continuity and editors base canon on marketing gimmicks rather than narrative logic I think the whole concept of a meaningful canon is itself a marketing gimmick more...
  8. Cheimison

    Damian Gets Worse

    First of all, I read Morrison's entire run, lots of the graphic novels and a bunch of New 52 comics with Damian. I say this because the exact comics people tell me to read about him are exactly why I don't like him. Like all semi-popular characters he's stuck in a loop of zero character...
  9. Cheimison

    How Does Toyman Keep Getting Funded?

    Despite his considerable engineering talent, Toyman seems like a total schmuck in basically every other department. He's a known felon, he's too obsessed with Superman to make a good criminal partner, and he's grossly outmatched and cannot actually defeat Clark. So why does he keep showing up...
  10. Cheimison

    Capes and Their (Exc)uses

    Capes are almost synonymous with superheroes, though it's not a very common design overall. The utility of capes has long been a question. Comic books will portray Superman using his cape to contain explosions or stretch across two trees to make a slingshot, etc. Batman has cape uses that range...
  11. Cheimison

    Is There Any Explanation for Why Kryptonians are So Attractive

    On a related point, I've seen people ask why Superman's hair almost never gets disordered up, even when he's getting hit by aliens and flying through building - even though it bounces and waves in the wind more or less normally. In Pre-crisis Superman made several comments about how being hit...
  12. Cheimison

    Is There Any Explanation for Why Kryptonians are So Attractive

    It is interesting that Mark looks more like Clark than Omni-Man. Omni-Man is a steroid version of Tom Selleck or something, definitely a good looking man but he has a more 'normal' person look to his face. Clark and Invincible both have crazy hair that looks like a Saiyan got his hair curled or...
  13. Cheimison

    Is There Any Explanation for Why Kryptonians are So Attractive

    That's quite a logical inference and more or less my headcanon explanation, but I was wondering if anyone's ever actually said, in a comic, "we selected for extremely striking looks" Of course the practical reason for DC is that people like to see them drawn that way.
  14. Cheimison

    Is There Any Explanation for Why Kryptonians are So Attractive

    That's some Silver Age logic there super-handsomeness! But even random Kryptonians on Krypton are incredibly good looking, male and female. Zod is a bit older and more aggressively masculine than Superman in his face, but he could be an actor or a model based on his looks. I've seen maybe four...
  15. Cheimison

    Is There Any Explanation for Why Kryptonians are So Attractive

    In terms of artistic direction it's "because comic book characters are usually good looking and muscular, also that's what comic artists are best at drawing easily". But even in-universe the public, other superheroes, Lex Luther, and alien queens, remark on how good looking Clark and his...
  16. Cheimison

    Looking for comics where Superman doesn't randomly job?

    Essentially all powerful characters forget their powers and act like morons at random, because most writers have difficulty writing characters who defy physics and are virtually perfect in real world terms. Nonetheless I view it as a mark of a superior writer to create a good story without...
  17. Cheimison

    New Earth (DC Post-Crisis) Timeline

    I don't have the stamina to do it, but pre-Crisis is my bag.
  18. Cheimison

    Comic Books for Kids

    I watched Terminator 2 and Robocop as a toddler and have been reading regular comic books, including stuff like Sandman, since I was ~7. My first Superman comic was the Byrne era with Clark going to Apokalips. As a child (and an adult) I actively disliked most content made for children...
  19. Cheimison

    Black Hammer: What to Get?

    I was reading Black Hammer Omnibud v1 at the store yesterday and found it interesting. I'm going to get the v1 Omnibus but I don't know how all the other series/collectiond fit into it. If I like a series I tend to be a completionist (my Action Comics boxes could break a mule's spine), I...
  20. Cheimison

    Favorite DC Villain?

    He definitely was a villain, turned XTREEM 90s antihero, turned villain - though now he's a Punisher-lite superhero.